Bachelor Benedict Club


Bachelor Benedict Club Of Charleston, WV

The Bachelor Benedict Club, Inc. was founded in January 1935 in Charleston, West Virginia by Dr. Robert L. Carter, Sr. Thomas L. Mitchell and Attorney William M. Buchanan. They were motivated by the need of an agency in Charleston to foster wholesome social activity and caused the formation of the Club. Twenty-one men were invited to be the original promoters of the newly formed club. These men were:

1. Theodore C. Gregory, Dept. of Printing, WV State College

2. Maceo W. Nelson, Assistant Coach, Garnet High School

3. Paul J. Moore, Dept of Chemistry, WV State College

4. Benjamin L. Goode, Dept of Agriculture, WV State College

5. William G. Moore, Coach, Garnet High School

6. Charles A. Preston, Principal, Boyd Jr. High School

7. Merrill H. Preston, Mortician

8. Fred C. Page, Principal, Cabell Jr. High School

9. Loris A. Washington, Mortician

10. James F. Fields, Business

11. Edgar D. Saunders, Business

12. William L. Spriggs, Business

13. Dallas C. Brown, Administration, WV State College

14. Percy Terrell

15. Dr. J. R. Jones, Physician and Surgeon

16. Dr. W. S. Claytor

17. William M. Buchanan, Attorney at Law

18. Dr. Lorenzo R. Carter, Dental Surgeon

19. Dr. Thomas L. Mitchell, Pharmacist

20. ?

21. ?

The club's objectives was to promote good fellowship among its members, and create and stimulate worthwhile social entertainment for its friends.

On February 2, 1935, the first meeting was held at the home of Mr. Theodore C. Gregory. The constitution was adopted and officers were elected. The officers were:

President - William M. Buchanan
Vice President - Theodore C. Gregory
Secretary - William Spriggs
Treasurer - Fred Page

On October 22, 1936, the club took in five more members. There were:

Fred Aranha, Jr., Principal, Carter G. Woodson School

Willard L. Brown, Attorney at Law

Leonard Barnett, Principal, Washington High School

Earl Reason, Educator

James Wade

Other persons to join in the next two years were:

John Love, Attorney at Law

Dr. Kenneth Jackson, Physician and Surgeon

Julius Gardner, Architect

During its early existence, the club established two annual institutions: The Annual Christmas Party and the Annual Valentine Party.

In December 1937, the club obtained a charter of Incorporation, and was formally organized under the provisions of a corporate body of the State of West Virginia.

The club is still in existence today and has a membership of 19 men.

The officers for 2002 are:

President - Henry Hale
Vice President - William Owens
Recording Secretary - James Hill
Tre[a]surer - Edward Bolden
Financial Secretary - John White


Edward Bolden
Curtis Chester
Benjamin Clark
Gregory Edwards
Robert Evans
Curtis Gilmer
Henry Hale
James Hill
James Jarrett
Andrew Johnson
Joseph Lawrence
Jerry Mills
James Morris
Kenneth Mosley
William Owens
Edward Peeks
Galveston Pettres
David Pugh
John White

The Bachelor Benedict Club, Inc. Credo

When we brush off old acquaintances
Who seek our approbation
We never call it snobbery
For its keen discrimination
But when such treatment is reversed
We raise an awful fuss
For it must be anti social
If they can't tolerate us.

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