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Harrison County

County Facts

Date of Formation: 1784
Named: For Benjamin Harrison, distinguished Virginian, who was the father of William Henry Harrison, 9th President, and the great-grandfather of Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President.
County Seat: Clarksburg



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"Short Line Track Was Laid at Night in Sensitive Area," Exponent-Telegram, 10-7- 1984.
"Simpson Creek Baptist...1st Organized Congregation West Alleghenies," Exponent, 9- 15-1929.
"Slavery Part of County's History," Clarksburg News, 8-8-1957.
"Stagecoach Trip Required 9 hrs to Travel Clarksburg to Weston in '64," Exponent, 2- 10-1929.
"Stagecoach Trip Required 9 Hours Travel Clarksburg to Weston in 64," Exponent, 2- 10-1929.
"State Native to Sit at United Controls," Charleston Daily Mail, 3-26-1999.
"State to Erect New Historical Marker in Saltwell Community," Exponent, 5-25- 1980.
"Station Represents Sizable Industry for Shinnston Area," 11-30-1972.
"Stirring Times Here When Men Mobilized in 1862 Join Army of Lee," Exponent, 2-26- 1928.
"Strains From Drum & Fife Carry History With Them," Clarksburg Exponent, n.d.
"Succession of Noted Scholars in Presidency of University...," Exponent, 12-2- 1928.
"Surveyors' Instruments Exhibited Played Part in Early History of Co." Exponent, 2-24- 1927.
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"Zinc Plant Powder Mill Important Roles in Early Growth Harrison Co.," Exponent, 11- 23-1989.

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