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Lincoln County

County Facts

Date of Formation: 1867
Named: In honor of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president
County Seat: Hamlin



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Newspaper Clippings

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"Big Ugly, Residents Don't Want Area to Echo Its Name," Hometown Journal, n.d.
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"Dialect Spoken Here Abut 400 Years Old," Lincoln Republican, 7-8-1965.
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"Duval HS Celebrating 75th Year," Lincoln Journal, 9-14-1988.
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"Gen Meikles Log Cabin Still Standing," Lincoln Journal, 1-18-1989.
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"Sod, WV This Little Town is Near City, But Still Down to Earth," Herald-Dispatch, 3- 6-1989.
"Sweetland, It's Had 1 Exciting Event in 33 Years," Herald-Dispatch, 10-24-1988.
"W. H. Clinic Likely to Stay Open," Lincoln Journal, 9-3-1985.
"War of Words, Libel Suit Between Lincoln Co. Papers," Charleston Gazette, 8-11- 1996.
"You Has Just as Well Kill a Dog as to Give Him a Bad Name," Hamlin Democrat, 4-4- 1929.

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