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Logan County

County Facts

Date of Formation: 1824
Named: For Logan, famous Indian chief of the Mingo tribe
County Seat: Logan



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Newspaper Clippings

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"A. S. Hatfield Tells of N Y Radio Broadcast on We The People," Logan Banner, 4-20- 1937.
"Ancestors Logan Co. Families Fought for Constitutional Freedom," Logan Banner, 4- 15-1937.
"Ancient Confederate Flag Found at Logan," Clarksburg Exponent, 6-12-1938.
"Aracoma Drug Closes," Logan County Banner, 4-14-1994.
"Ben Bolt Was Not Written Here," Logan Banner, 11-23-1926.
"Bicentennial to Logan County," WV Hillbilly, 1-24-1976.
"Big Spring Now Peach Creek, Logan's First County Seat," Logan Banner, 7-23- 1929.
"Bob Peck Relates Story of First Steamer to City," Logan Banner, 2-27-1938.
"Brief History of Upbuilding of Town of Man," Logan Banner, 6-6-1930.
"Burning of Court House by Union Army Told in Report," Logan Banner, 1-12- 1932.
"Buying Blair," Charleston Gazette, 11-22-1998.
"Changes in The Old Holden," Logan News, 2-7-1975.
"Club Women Seek Librarian Salary Fund at $600 Per Year," Logan Banner, 6-30- 1926.
"Coal Troubles, Martial Law Reestablished After Paint Creek Shootings," Gazette, 5-2- 1950.
"Coal Troubles, Cossacks Militia Attacked Striking Coal Miner," Charleston Gazette, 4- 28-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Deadly Mine Blasts Compelled Safety Laws," Charleston Gazette, 5-17- 1950.
"Coal Troubles, 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain Resulted Numerous Killings," Gazette, 5- 9-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Centralia Mine Dangerous, " Charleston Gazette, 5-20-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Martial Law Engenders Woes Miners Secure Contract," Gazette, 5-3- 1950.
"Coal Troubles, Guards Ambush in Matewan... Recall of Troops," Charleston Gazette, 5-6-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Connellsville Walkout Gave Operators Clear-Cut Victory," Gazette, 4- 26-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Kanawha Strike1912-13 Toll Set More 100," Charleston Gazette, 5-1- 1950.
"Coal Troubles, Miners Will Never Forget Black Hole of Ludlow," Charleston Gazette, 5-5-1950.
"Coal Troubles. Lowest Ebb... UMW Between 1922-35," Charleston Gazette, 5-14- 1950.
"Coal Troubles, State Mine Deaths 17,882 66 Years Recording," Charleston Gazette, 5- 19-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Herrin Mob's Savagery...Union Blackest Mark," Charleston Gazette, 5- 13-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Coal Treason Trials...Where John Brown Tried," Charleston Gazette, 5- 10-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Hocking Valley Pit Strike," Charleston Gazette, 4-24-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Plotters in 1898 Attempted," Charleston Gazette, 5-7-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Lewis Won Wartime Strike... Wrath of U. S.," Charleston Gazette, 5- 15-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Hocking Valley Strike Bared Evils in Company Store Plan," Gazette, 4- 25-1950.
"Coal Troubles, Miners Were 9,000 Strong for Bloody March on Logan," Gazette, 5-8- 1950.
"Confederate Money Bought Logan Tract," n.p., n.d.
"County Landmarks...," Logan Banner, 2-27-1994.
"Crooked Creek Has Oldest Christ's Church in County," n.p, nd.
"Curb Service," Charleston Gazette, 7-4-1991.
"Dehue Book, Display Preserve Coal Town's History," Charleston Gazette, 11-28- 1994.
"Doughboy Honors Heroes," Logan Banner, 5-29-1991.
"Dying Words of Princess Aracoma Related in Story," Logan Banner, 3-23-1937.
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"Early Life in the Guyan Valley Vividly Pictured," Logan Banner, 11-3-1937.
"Engage Librarian in Permanent Job with Free Books," Logan Banner, 10-3-1936.
"Family Chief Logan Brutally Murdered After Battle of Pt. Pleasant," Logan Banner, 4- 19-1937.
"Ferrell History is Traced to Year 1780," Logan Banner, 5-5-1937.
"Finding a Library Site a Novel Experience," Charleston Gazette, 5-26-1994.
"First Church in County Was Built Near Wilbur," Logan Banner, 6-22-1937.
"First Wallpaper Used in Logan in Nighbert Home," Logan Banner, 7-9-1937.
"First Schoolhouse Built on The Island in 1800," Logan Banner, 6-23-1937.
"Flag of Logan Wildcats is in Custody of O. McDonald," Logan Banner, 9-24-1929.
"Fortune Spurned... Boston Millionaires .. Logan Co.," Huntington Advertiser, 3-11- 1923.
"Giant Logan Park Project Eyed," Charleston Gazette, 9-11-1962.
"Gilbert...1906 and Gilbert High School Pictured," Logan Banner Pride, 1995.
"Gives T. D. English's Ballad, Ben Bolt," Beckley Post-Herald, 11-4-1960.
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"Logan Began as Hunting Ground," Logan Banner, 3-20-1994.
"Logan Politics Hits the Light in Boss' Book, Raymond Chafin," Charleston Gazette, 7- 17-1994.
"Logan Native is Growing Plants for Space Shuttle Mission," Mineral Daily News, 12- 26-1997.
"Mamie's Ghost, Decades Old Murder Still Fresh in Logan," Charleston Gazette, 10-28- 1996.
"Man in the Early 1940.s Picture," Logan Banner Pride, 1995.
"Miners Ultimately Win Fight Against Use of Convict Labor," Charleston Gazette, 4-27- 1950.
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"Recreational Images From the Past," Logan Banner Pride, 1995.
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"Settlers Arrive in County Over 200 Years Ago," Logan Banner, 5-1-1994.
"Surveyors Helped Settle Early Logan," Logan Banner, 4-17-1994.
"Telephones Tracing Chapmanville's History," n.p., 6-21-1987.
"The First Surveys of Logan County," Logan Banner Pride, 1995.
"The Making of West Virginia," Logan Banner Pride, 1995.
"The Newest Town in West Virginia," Logan Banner, 5-2-1995.
"Theater Keeps Reeling 'Em In," Times-West Virginian, 3-12-1996.
"Things Haven't Changed...," Logan Banner Pride, 1995.
"Triadelphia Unearthed," Logan Banner Pride, 1994.
"What's In A Name?," Logan Banner Pride, 1995.

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