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Pleasants County

County Facts

Date of Formation: 1851
Named: For James Pleasants, Jr., Senator from VA, and VA Governor, 1822-1825
County Seat: St. Marys



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Newspaper Clippings

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"Family Grimm Brought Gaiety Culture... to St. Marys," Pleasants Co. Leader, 4-1-1966.
"Farming Was Way of Life for Early Arvilla Settlers," St. Marys Oracle, 10-7-1976.
"First Nine Mile Church Dates Back to 1866," St. Marys Oracle, 10-16-1975.
"First Episcopal Service Held Here 98 Years Ago," St. Marys Oracle, 5-9-1957.
"First White Settlers Came to Pleasants County in 1790," Parkersburg News, 5-2-1968.
"Go With the Flow," Charleston Gazette, 5-12-1993.
"Grape Island Was Once Village...," St. Marys Oracle, 2-22-1973.
"Grape Island Once Bustling Village," Parkersburg News, 5-24-1973.
"Greatest Gas Well In The World, Big Moses," n. p. n. d.
"Historic Gallery Gets Holiday Facelift," Parkersburg Sentinel, 11-16-11994.
"Historical Society Gets 1862 Regimental Book," Pleasants County Leader, 7-15-1989.
"History of St. Marys Bridge," Parkersburg News, 2-26-1961.
"LaRue Brothers First Pleasants Settlers," Parkersburg News, 6-18-1963.
"LaRue Family Established Wilderness Home Mouth Middle Cr.," Parkersburg News, 3-8-1964.
"Legend of City's Founding Visualized By Local Artist," Pleasants County Leader, 8-8-1958.
"Martha Wells Recalls Early Days of Schultz," Pleasants County Leader, 7-4-1975.
"New Masonic Temple Will Be Dedicated," Pleasants County Leader, 1-3-1958.
"Oldest Retail Firm Ceases Business," St. Marys Oracle, 2-21-1974.
"Pearl Button Factory Once Thriving St. Marys Industry," Parkersburg News, 5-10-1964.
"Pictured Levi Boley's Barn on Clay Street," Pleasants County Leader, 7-22-1989.
"Pictured Stanley's Bargain Store," Pleasants County Leader, 8-19-1989.
"Pleasants County Largely Agricultural in 1939," Pleasants County Leader, 10-7-1989.
"Pt. Lookout Once Home of Early County Settlers," St. Marys Oracle, 9-11-1975.
"Ruttencutter Has Thousands of Copies Early Pictures," Parkersburg News, 3-11-1964.
"Some in Pleasants Co. WV Has Ghost Towns," n. p. n. d.
"St. Marys Refinery Closing To Cost 95 Jobs," Charleston Gazette, 2-5-1993.
"St. Marys Masonic Lodge Receive White House Stone," Pleasants County Leader, 11-7-1958.
"St. Marys Hospital In The Beginning," Herald Dispatch, 11-8-1994.
"The Horseneck Well, World's First Oil Well," By Herbert P. McGinnis Parkersburg, WV, 1949.
"Troisi To Keep His Law License," Parkersburg Sentinel, 11-4-1997.
"Typical Town Has Figures To Prove It, St. Marys," Charleston Gazette, 11-20-1995.
"Whoever Heard of Rabbit Row, WV," Parkersburg News, 5-5-1968.

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