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Randolph County

County Facts

Date of Formation: 1787
Named: For Edmund Jennings Randolph, Governor of VA, 1786-1788
County Seat: Elkins



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Newspaper Clippings

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"Beverly Will Mark 200 Years at Banquet," Inter-Mountain, 12-15-1990.
"Beverly Has Undergone Change in its 200 Years," Inter-Mountain, 5-26-1990.
"Beverly Heritage Day Planned For July 20," Inter-Mountain, 3-9-1996.
"Beverly Residents Seeking to Preserve, Restore Their Town," Inter-Mountain, 1-18-1995.
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"City of Elkins Has 82nd Birthday...," Inter-Mountain, 1-7-1972.
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"Coalton Planning 100 Year Celebration for Saturday," Inter-Mountain, 6-21-1995.
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