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Webster County

County Facts

Date of Formation: 1860
Named: In honor of Daniel Webster, New England orator and statesman
County Seat: Webster Springs



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Newspaper Clippings

"An Old Class Assignment Lives Again," Webster Republican, 9-26-1984.
"Bergoo Reunion...," Webster Republican, 7-2-1985.
"Bergoo Homecoming 1985," Webster Republican, 7-17-1985.
"Brief History of Webster County's Newspapers," Webster Echo, 8-12-1979.
"Camden Had Largest Crowd in its History," Webster Echo, 7-15-1964.
"Carpenters and Mortons Were First in Webster," News Leader, 6-21-1965.
"Closing of Guardian Post Office Opposed," Webster Republican, 10-2-1985.
"County Museum Proposed For Historic Building," Webster Echo, 10-25-1989.
"County Museum Proposed For Historic Building," Webster Republican, 10-25- 1989.
"Cowen Firm Forming," Charleston Gazette, 2-18-1962.
"Cowen A Big Little Town," Webster Republican, 2-29-1968.
"Diana Woman Writes Brief History of Guardian Post Office," Webster Republican, 6- 14-1989.
"Diana Woman Writes Brief History of Guardian Post Office," Webster Echo, 6-14- 1989.
"Dorrtown is Now Correctly on Map," Webster Republican, 9-24-1975.
"Early Webster Records Found," Clarksburg Telegram, 4-6-1930.
"First Christmas Tree Chased Away Band," Charleston Daily Mail, 12-25-1938.
"Free State of Webster Merely Another Co. in WV 55 Areas," Parkersburg News, 6-18- 1963.
"Former Webster Co. Donates Photograph Webster library," Webster Republican, 7-18- 1984.
"Great Indian War Once Rocked Webster," Beckley Post Herald, 5-8-1965.
"Hamricks Popular in Webster County," Beckley Post Herald, 12-24-1959.
"Historic Mollohan's Mill Restoration is Nearly Completed," Webster Republican, 9-19- 1984.
"Historical Society Receives Unusual Gift," Webster Republican, 11-16-1983.
"Historical Society Buys Property For Museum Site," Webster Republican, 11-29- 1989.
"History of Erbacon, WV," Webster Republican, 8-30-1989.
"John Hoff Butcher Explains Hacker Valley Got Name," Webster Republican, 2-19- 1975.
"Mollohan Mill...National Register Historic Places," Webster Republican, 10-6- 1982.
"Mountains of Fun On Foot," Charleston Gazette, 4-18-1997.
"National Enquirer...Santa WV Town Without Hope," Williamson Daily News, 12-12- 1994.
"Post Office Closing Marks End of Webster Era," Charleston Gazette, 9-27-1985.
"Remembering the Town f Three Forks of Williams River," Webster Republican, 2-27- 1985.
"Stars Fell on West Virginia," WV Hillbilly, 8-26-1967.
"State Town Puzzled Find Itself Target of Invasion," Charleston Gazette, 4-25- 1982.
"Story of the Battle of Cowen," News Leader, 11-4-1964.
"Tall Tales of Old Cranberry by Old Timers," Clarksburg Exponent, 1-17-1937.
"The Hermit of Straight Creek," Webster Republican, 11-11-1964.
"The Awful Story of Loony Cave," WV Hillbilly, 4-30-1968.
"The Blue Hills of WV," Webster Republican, 2-27-1957.
"Tiger Morton, I Have An Evangelist's Heart," Charleston Gazette, 3-23-1998.
"Town Named in Honor of John K. Cowen...," Webster Republican, 5-12-1927.
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"Webster Blood," WV Hillbilly, 9-13-1975.
"Webster State Office Closed After Publicity," Charleston Gazette, 8-19-1993.
"Webster Last County Unit Before Split," Webster Echo, 6-19-1963.
"Webster County's Best Known Jail Break," Webster Echo, 4-16-1975.
"Webster County History is Challenging," Beckley Post Herald, n. d.
"Webster Co. Newspaper is 47 Years Old," Clarksburg Exponent, 4-27-1930.
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"Webster Massacre Preceded Indian War," Beckley Post Herald, 5-5-1965.
"Whitaker Falls, A WV Beauty Spot," Times-West Virginian, 12-7-1939.
"World Met Erabacon in the Enquirer," Charleston Gazette, 12-24-1996.
"Yes Webster Co. Resort is Planned for Point Mountain," Webster Republican, 4-26- 1972.

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