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Mark Smith Collection

Document 4
Power of Attorney, Laban Records, August 22, 1817

Document 4
Know all men by these presents that I Laban Records agent for Daniel Mitchel of Shelby County and State of Kentucky am held and firmly bound unto William Dunlope of the State aforesaid in the pennel some of four hundred and sixty four dollars of courent money for which I bind my self heirs and asigns this twenty second day of August eighteen hundred and seventeen

The conditions of the above obligations is such that if the above named Daniel Mitchel by Labor Records his agent do and that convey or cause to be conveyed unto William Dunlope by a general warrantee deed to two hundred and thirty two acres of land lying on the waters of weljus? Crick in Campbell County being apart of Daniel Mitchel survey begining at the north west corner of David Fisher land runing with mikels mitchel line to the corner on the crick likewise to join Noah Little on the east the deed to be made when the last payment is paid then this obligation to be void other wise to remain in full force and vartue??? at law witness my hand and seel this 22 day of August 1817 wt presents John Records X his mark

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