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Mark Smith Collection

Document 5
Correspondence, Joel Ellis to Lucinda Dunlop, March 5, 1841

Document 5
Dr Niece same place March 5th 1841 Recvd your 3d I am last a few days ago which gave me much pleasure in hearing you was all well so are my backs But my health is so delicate that I hardly thinkI shall be able to go so far as ky at any rate in Time to make a crop this season but suppose The house? and one or two will be ready when I came and will let you know about the time I intend to start of a tall? as I begin to think I shall be laid Long side of my boring consort my prospect As to worldly concerns is not very good but I rise when I go to leave enough to pay my debts And? burying expences having food and raiment I feel satisfied for I brought nothing into the World and it is certain I can carry nothing out Quite gloomy this morning ground coverd again with snow of which we have had about Six feet the last winter I expect about June it will break and again give the snakes and frogs a chance my greatest Incouragement at this time is the hope of seeing somebody when the roads get good Again when Ira comes tell him to write me I shall conclude with my compliments as usual which never was worth much Joel Ellis

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