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Mark Smith Collection

Document 6
Correspondence, Joel Ellis to Lucinda Dunlop, October 26, 1843

Document 6
Dr Niece pleasant retreat hampshire cty va

October 26th 1843 I this day recd your of 12 Inst. which gave me joy and grief glad to here that my friends in general were well but that you and yo sister was not I hope at a certain time life? of you will both improve As to your mind I know not whether you have been wash if not I think a plung in pure water for the no mission sins would be of infinite advantage to your mind for I do not know that any person can escape the wrath to come without obeying the gospel which is to believe Jesus Christ is the son of god repent and be baptised as to my health it is beter at presant than for several year past family enjoy good health tho thay are dying ___ us as for our temporalities we have as the saying is come? at the little end of the horn? for we have been washed away four times yet thanks to kind? ___ We have not wanted necesaries having had a little to go upon but have a fair prospect at presant Wheat looks well and our fish pot is in opperation if you come in time can have a taste best catch Think you can hardly leave your grandaughter so long though there is no person she would rather see and to with us all I think shall try to come to Ky I think cousin John's farm would suit me me on account of being near the meeting house tho the river place I suppose best I have had thoughts of Ky whar thair are plenty of Disciples and also __ August and I shall try to leave this place for society sake I know not where perhaps for to a better world yo need not wait for me but come on if should conclude to come to Ky or should go else where I will write Lady Lucinda Dunlop

Joel Ellis

Mr Wm S Dunlop
Flag spring Campbell County Ky

Cold Stream Va
October 27th

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