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Mark Smith Collection

Document 7
Correspondence, Joel Ellis to Lucinda Dunlop, October 26, 1843

Document 7
Dr niece pleasant retreat hampshire cty Va July 20th 1843

As well as I could expect having been greatly afflicted Family as well as usual hope you and yours are well and doing well I recvd your very accommodating letter of August 5 -42 thank you for the variety and matter it cot? Was not able at that time to do any thing being undetermd? But now it could meet with so kind an offer would accept of it if I could I have come to the conclution that it would be better for me to come to KY whare my near blood relations are and whare I can have some religious society for I have none here and might long? dispose of my property here so as to enable me to come and if can will do so if you can obtain for me a place in your neghbourhood and near the meeting house which from part favour I believe you try to do say ment as good a place as you can obtain and whair I get perhaps can buy ceilah thinks the ___ till she sees you and W Dunlop again the pressure of times have been and are very great in this county Id like to have cou. John Ellis place if has not with it yal oblige me very much if yel give my Best respects to all the Ellis blood and all connd Tell cou. Nancy I should be very happy to receive few lines from her and ask her if she could not come and pay me a visit and bring Mr NC have pause with her John Ellis and his wife I'd like to see your son in law also your boy the young Asronomer and Nelson & Nib David Y and all the children and more coming I meet I say to you also I think I cannot forget you I wish you'd write to me in two or three days after you receive this bugled up piece.

Joel Ellis

Wm L Dunlop
Campbell Cty Ky
Mr William Dunlop
Flag Spring Campbell Cty Kentucky

Mrs Lucinda E Dunlop
Mrs Lucinda E Dunlop
Mrs Lucinda E Dunlop
Mr Wm L Dunlop

Cold Stream Va
July 21st 1843

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