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Mark Smith Collection

Document 8
Correspondence, David Y. Ellis to Lucinda Dunlop, August 20, 1846

Document 8
August the 20 1846 Daviess Co. Ind.

Dear Sister

I received your letter on yesterday and was sorry to hear of your distress a bout John Milton volunteering but glad to hear of your good health I received a letter from Ira on the 18 of this month he is also well and requested me to write to you immediately and know of you if you would let Milton go to him for he is a doing a merchandize business and requests of you that he should assist him but as hes volunteered he cannot to I sippose I am also sorry to hear of the death Uncle Joel You wished to know of me if I was in favor of brakeing the wil and enslaveing the blacks for life I plainly assire you that I would be the last person that would go in for a measure of that kind what uncle has done I am perfectly satisfied with if he had have willed it to them forever I should have said nothing a gainst it and Dick should be a shamed of him self for wishing to un do what the old man has done and if he is not I think he will be befor he is threw with it I did knot think that he would loose his religion so soon as it is imposible for a religious person to hold slaves they cost him nothing nor any of the ballance of the property and think he ought to be perfectly satisfied with things as uncle has left them you also wis to know if I am willing for Mr Dunlop to get my part I am perfectly wiling and as to my selling my part I would rather let it lay until things are setled Nothing more at present

I remain your affectionate Brother until Death

David Y Ellis

Mrs Lucinda E. Dunlop
New Richmond, Ohio

Aug 23

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