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Nancy K. Smith Postcard Collection

Beckley Hospital, Beckley (3)
Campbell Hospital, Beckley (1)
Pinecrest Sanitarium, Beckley (1)
Bluefield Sanitarium, Bluefield (2)
General Hospital, Charleston (2)
St. Francis Hospital, Charleston (1)
Mason Hospital, Clarksburg (1)
St. Mary's Hospital, Clarksburg (6)
Allegheny Heights Hospital and Sanitarium, Davis (1)
Davis Memorial Hospital, Elkins (3)
City Hospital, Elkins (1)
Cook's Hospital, Fairmont (2)
Fairmont State Hospital, Fairmont (1)
City Hospital, Fairmont (1)
Miner's Hospital, First Ward, Fairmont (2)
Boggs Hospital and Sanitarium, Gassaway (1)
Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Glen Dale (2)
Sheltering Arms Hospital, Hansford (1)
Hinton Hospital, Hinton (1)
St. Mary's Hospital, Huntington (3)
Veterans' Hospital, Huntington (2)
Chesapeake and Ohio Hospital, Huntington (1)
Kessler Hospital and Sanitarium, Huntington (1)
Mount Hope Hospital, Huntington (1)
Potomac Valley Hospital, Keyser (1)
Logan General Hospital and Nurses Home (1)
King's Daughter's Hospital, Martinsburg (1)
Newton D. Baker General Hospital, Martinsburg (3)
Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital, Parkersburg (2)
St. Joseph's Hospital, Parkersburg (2)
Myers Clinic Hospital, Philippi (2)
Miners Hospital, Welch(1)
Weston State Hospital, Weston (5)
Ohio Valley General Hospital, Wheeling (9)
City Hospital, Wheeling (4)
Wheeling Hospital, Wheeling (4)
Modern X-Ray Unit, Elk River Coal and Lumber Company, Widen (1)
Memorial Medical Center, Williamson (1)
Harker Pottery, Chester (1)
Rock Springs Park, Chester (14)
Luna Park, Charleston (1)
Newell Park, Newell (2)
West Virginia University Medical Center, Morgantown (1)
New Cumberland (3)
Babcock State Park (1)
West Virginia State Fair Park, Wheeling (1)
Wheeling Park, Wheeling (4)
Old Log Cabin, Wheeling (1)
Y.M.C.A. Building, Wheeling (1)
Boy with wheelbarrow, Wheeling (1)

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