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James Lee Wood Jr. Collection

Stacked cans, cases and employees at Killarney Company Store
Company store, Killarney Smokeless Coal Company
Post card, Killarney, Raleigh County, 1920s
Lake Shawnee, Mercer County, late 1920s
Lake Shawnee Virginian Hotel, Lake Shawnee, Mercer County
Blue Jay Lumber Company Mill, Beaver, Raleigh County, circa 1903
Maria Prince Beckley, wife of James John Beckley (copy)
Virginian Railway wreck, Ingleside, May 24, 1927 (copy)
Glen Rogers, circa 1929 (copy)
Glen Rogers Hotel, Glen Rogers (copy)
Bluestone River bridge collapse, 1924 (copy)
John F. Kennedy campaigning in Mullens, 1960 (copy)
Old Virginian Railway steam locomotive (copy)
Virginian steam locomotive (copy)
Old Virginian train (copy)

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