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Henry Elden Family Collection

Box 1

Great Hall for Residence of Governor and Mrs. Arch A. Moore, Jr. (1)
Long's Residence (33)
Kanawha - Charleston Public Health Center (19)
Jackson's Chapel (30)
United States Post Office, Huntington (4)
United States Post Office, Huntington (Main) (13)
United States Post Office, Morgantown (2)
Goodwill Renovation (6)
Franklin Vo-Tech (1)
FMC Office (23)
West Virginia Building and Loan Association (11)
Eastern Regional Jail (2)
Clay Elementary School (4)
Clay Junior High School (2)
Clay High School and Vo-Tech Center (2)
Point Pleasant Fire Station (1)
Henry Theodore Elden, Jr.
Elden Genealogy
CD, Henry Elden Images

Box 2

Drive-In Teller Facility, Bank of Danville South (1)
Charleston (5)
Family Photographs (7)
Club House - Bath House and Activities Building, Kanawha County Parks and Recreation (2)
West Virginia Institute of Technology, Library (61)
West Virginia Institute of Technology, Dormitory (3)
Lee Terrace Apartments (19)
Top O Rock (48 + 14 damaged negs)
Top O Rock Rental Information
Top O Rock Office Building
Top O Rock Parties (5)
Little Rock (27)
Mounted Images (16)
Miscellaneous Photographs (Chief Logan, Lee Terrace, Coonskin, etc., 47 + 3 negs)
West Virginia Highway Rest Areas (5)
Elden Architects
Chief Logan (2)


Advertising Layout Board

Photograph Collections

West Virginia Archives and History