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C. Donald Hatfield Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: C. Donald Hatfield Collection
Span Dates: circa early 1900s - early 2000s
Bulk Dates: 1950s
ID No: Ph2020-049
Creator: C. Donald Hatfield
Extent: 3 box
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV

Administrative Information

Provenance: C. Donald Hatfield
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], C. Donald Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.

Box 1

1:1 Don Hatfield
1:2 Don Hatfield, Football
1:3 Don Hatfield, Huntington Advertiser
1:4 Don Hatfield, Miscellaneous slides
1:5 Sandra "Sandy" Soto Hatfield
1:6 Don and Sandy Hatfield
1:7 Don Hatfield and family
1:8 Don Hatfield with sons Chris and Joel
1:9 Don and Sandy Hatfield with baby, February 1958 (contains negatives)
1:10 Don and Sandy Hatfield with baby, July 1958 (contains negatives)
1:11 Christmas, December 1958
1:12 Don Hatfield, February 1959
1:13 Beach trip, June 1959 (contains negatives)
1:14 Soto family (?), August 1959
1:15 Boating/beach vacation (?), August 1960 (contains negatives)
1:16 Don Hatfield with Walt Lenhart, October 1955
1:17 Don Hatfield with Billy Edd Wheeler
1:18 Don Hatfield with Pete Williamson
1:19 Signed photograph, Don Hatfield and others with Governor Jay Rockefeller
1:20 Don Hatfield receiving awards
1:21 Don Hatfield and others counting votes at courthouse
1:22 Don Hatfield with Bill Chambers, Marshall University baseball coach
1:23 Don Hatfield with Ernie Salvatore, 1953 or 1954
1:24 Don Hatfield at University of Arizona basketball game
1:25 Don Hatfield, Tucson Citizen
1:26 Don and Sandy Hatfield with Jerry Lewis
1:27 Don and Sandy Hatfield with Joe Namath
1:28 Sandy Hatfield with Sue and Ed Coney (Wall Street Journal), November 1982
1:29 Vinson High School class composites, Huntington, West Virginia, 1948-1953
1:30 Vinson High School class composite, Class of 1952-1953, Huntington, West Virginia
1:31 Vinson High School, 1951 (from scrapbook)
1:32 Howard Hatfield
1:33 Virginia Hatfield
1:34 Hotel with saloon owned by Hatfield family, Williamson area, West Virginia
1:35 Homestead of Adrian (or Adron) Hatfield in Chattaroy, West Virginia
1:36 Hatfield Bargain Store, owned by Adrian and Nick Hatfield, Chattaroy, West Virginia
1:37 Saloon owned by Hatfield family, Chattaroy area, West Virginia
1:38 Hatfield Cemetery/Devil Anse Hatfield monument
1:39 Hatfield family ancestry photographs (xerox copies)
1:40 Tomasina Louise Soto
1:41 Shirley Sue Soto
1:42 Wedding, Shirley Sue Soto (?)
1:43 Vivian Freeman, Blanche Freeman, and Mae Freeman
1:44 Mae Freeman Wilson
1:45 Allen Wilson
1:46 Wilson Family: Allen, Erie, Sarah, Boyd, Willie, Charley, and Prudence
1:47 Suzanne D. Phillips, 4 ½ months old, 1966
1:48 George Ellis Bennett, Press relations staff at Libbey Owens Ford Glass Company, Toledo, Ohio
1:49 Jackie Casie, 1947
1:50 Two toddlers playing
1:51 Toddler with dog
1:52 Dagmar (Virginia Ruth Egnor)
1:53 Robert Ruark, author of "Poor No More"
1:54 Sigma Phi Epsilon, Marshall College
1:55 President, Sigma Delta Chi
1:56 West Virginia state sportswriters at the Greenbrier, 1959
1:57 Dance at Governor's Mansion
1:58 West Virginia State Capitol
1:59 Morris Harvey College
1:60 Davis and Elkins College

Box 2

2:1 Marching band on field
2:2 Female archers
2:3 Sports, Hockey
2:4 Hockey player Don Davidson
2:5 Sports, Cheerleading
2:6 Sports, Golf
2:7 Sam Snead
2:8 Sports, Tennis
2:9 Sports, Basketball
2:10 Marshall University basketball, Hal Greer and Leo Byrd with Coach Jule Rivlin
2:11 Sports, Baseball
2:12 West End All-Stars
2:13 Sports, Football
2:14 Sports, Miscellaneous
2:15 Parade Floats
2:16 Unidentified baby pictures
2:17 Unidentified man with rifle, August 1957 (contains negatives)
2:18 Dog playing in grass, August 1957 (contains negatives)
2:19 February - April 1957
2:20 Heavy snow, circa 1960-1961 (contains negatives)
2:21 Man repairing gutter
2:22 Postcard, "The Daniel Boone" Hotel, Charleston, West Virginia, June 11, 1955
2:23 Postcard, "The Watchtower, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona," 1953
2:24 Unidentified sailboat captain
2:25 Unidentified people
2:26 Unidentified negatives
2:27 Miscellaneous beach photos
2:28 Miscellaneous
2:29 Miscellaneous artworks

Box 3 - Oversize

Portrait, Howard Hatfield
Sandy Hatfield, Huntington Advertiser Women's Page
Devil Anse Hatfield and family
Composite, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Marshall University, 1955
Photo Album, Mostly Vinson High School related, 1940s-1950s
Photo Album, Mostly Vinson High School related, 1951-1953
Photo Album, Don and Sandy Hatfield

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