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Leslie "Les" Carpenter Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Leslie "Les" Carpenter Collection
Span Dates: 1867-2010
Bulk Dates: 1867-2010
ID No: Ph2020-081
Creator: Leslie "Les" Carpenter
Extent: 8 boxes
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV

Administrative Information

Provenance: Betty Carpenter
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Leslie "Les" Carpenter Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.

Box 1

1:1 Line of people making Christmas pilgrimage to John F. Kennedy's gravesite, Washington, D.C., December 25, 1963 (1 photo)
1:2 Harry Powers murders/trial (7 photos)
1:3 Street scenes, Clarksburg (?) at night (3 photos)
1:4 Hope Natural Gas Company building (1 photo)
1:5 Clarksburg Electroplating (1 photo)
1:6 Ingersoll-Rand, Clarksburg Plant (4 photos)
1:7 Lange Crist Box Company Lumber (1 photo)
1:8 Unidentified manufacturing plant (2 photos)
1:9 Line repair crew (3 photos)
1:10 Shinnston band in parade at Bridgeport (1 photo)
1:11 First United Methodist Church "Combined Choirs," Clarksburg, West Virginia, December 1998 (1 photo)
1:12 Peora Church (8 photos)
1:13 Broadwater family (2 photos)
1:14 Okie Blain Zinkle, Jr., Buckhannon, West Virginia (1 photo)
1:15 Rosemary Beur (1 photo)
1:16 Elma (?) at Pine Bluff, West Virginia (1 photo)
1:17 Photograph postcard, "The Norton Girls" (1 postcard)
1:18 Photograph postcard, "Sister Cole, Lumberport, West Virginia" (1 postcard)
1:19 Unidentified hand-colored portraits (2 photos)
1:20 Unidentified group (possibly a Sunday school,) December 15, 1913 (1 photo)
1:21 Unidentified football team, photograph by Sayre Studios (1 photo)
1:22 Miscellaneous unidentified people (3 photos)
1:23 Miscellaneous postcards (3 postcards)

Leslie "Les" Carpenter Collection

Box 2

2:1 Carte-de-visite, Squire Benedum
2:2 Carte-de-visite, George R. Brandon and Ella B. Brandon
2:3 Carte-de-visite, Mrs. Rashie Elliott
2:4 Carte-de-visite, Luther W. Elliott
2:5 Carte-de-visite, Mary Jane Elliott
2:6 Carte-de-visite, Samuel A. Elliott
2:7 Carte-de-visite, Stella May Elliott, Albert Truman Elliott, Walter Martin Elliot, and Flora Elliott
2:8 Carte-de-visite, Truman Elliott
2:9 Carte-de-visite, I. S. Inghram, Parkersburg, West Virginia
2:10 Carte-de-visite, Charley Lowe
2:11 Carte-de-visite, Allie Martin
2:12 Carte-de-visite, Elias Martin
2:13 Carte-de-visite, Henry Martin (2 copies)
2:14 Carte-de-visite, Martin family
2:15 Carte-de-visite, William S. Rosecrans
2:16 Carte-de-visite, J. H. Willis
2:17 Carte-de-visite, Unidentified portraits from Clarksburg/Parkersburg studios (4 portraits)
2:18 Tintype, Sarah Lodge Elliott
2:19 Tintype, Peter Lynch
2:20 Tintype, Stella Martin
2:21 Tintype, Mary Jane Powell
2:22 Tintype, D. V. Rose, Salt Lick Bridge, West Virginia
2:23 Cyanotype, Margaret and Julia (the cook)
2:24 Engraving, Reverend Gordon Battelle, Ladies Repository, 1867
2:25 Photograph, Valley Rangers, Company "H," 10th West Virginia Cavalry, Lacey Spring Horse Show, September 11, 1907
2:26 Photograph, Blanch de Forrest, circa 1910
2:27 Photograph, Men in horse-drawn buggy, Dr. W. D. de Forrest on right
2:28 Photograph, Ethel Sutton and unidentified, Sutton, West Virginia
2:29 Photograph, Helen Varner Vanderbilt, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1939
2:30 Photograph, Sister Mary Rose, 1948
2:31 Photograph, Nurse, Sister of Dr. Rose, Clarksburg, West Virginia
2:32 Photograph, One of the Rose sisters
2:33 Photograph, Lela Powell, Mollie Dew, Maude Davis, Nora Bumgardner, and Sylvia Randolph
2:34 Photograph, A. P. Russell
2:35 Photograph, Otis Taylor
2:36 Photograph card, Little John (John Graham), Clarksburg, 1938
2:37 Photograph, Clyde Post
2:38 Photograph, William Smith
2:39 Photograph, Iza Harold, Walkersville, West Virginia
2:40 Photograph, Ocie Drummond, June 18, 1898
2:41 Photograph, Elsie Gay Lynch Osborn, Clarksburg, West Virginia
2:42 Photograph, Mrs. Sarah Burner, About age 70
2:43 Photograph, Phoebe Lyda Nee Davison
2:44 Photograph, James Franklin Lane, Age 3
2:45 Photograph, Ida Bella Zirkle Myers
2:46 Photograph, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Helen Varner Anderson, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1935
2:47 Photograph, O. B. Westfall and boys, Walkersville, West Virginia, 1906 or 1907
2:48 Photograph, Matt Vance, Aunt Katie Linn, Aunt Ivy Linn, Aunt Matt Linn, Lizzie Vance, and Betty Wiley
2:49 Photograph, Lena (?)
2:50 Photograph, Unidentified girls, Shinnston, West Virginia
2:51 Photograph, Unidentified couple
2:52 Photograph card, General Ulysses S. Grant and family at Mount McGregor, June 19, 1885
2:53 Photograph, Grover Cleveland
2:54 Photograph, Theodore Roosevelt at Congress Hotel, 1912
2:55 Photograph, Family of William Howard Taft
2:56 Photograph, Woodrow Wilson
2:57 Photograph, Woodrow Wilson and cabinet, February 21, 1921
2:58 Photograph, President Calvin Coolidge presents Roosevelt Awards with Elihu Root, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Jerome D. Greene, June 5, 1924
2:59 Photograph, Herbert Hoover, Mrs. Hoover, and Dr. Robert A. Millikan, April 26, 1931
2:60 Photograph, King George, Queen Elizabeth, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Edwin Watson visit to tomb of George Washington, June 9, 1939
2:61 Photograph, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sara Delano Roosevelt, and Endicott Peabody at St. John's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C., March 5, 1940
2:62 Photograph, Harry Truman, Bess Truman, and Margaret Truman, August 7, 1940
2:63 Photograph, Harry Truman and Herbert Hoover
2:64 Photograph, Inauguration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 20, 1953
2:65 Photograph, Muriel Humphrey pouring coffee on campaign trail, Clarksburg, West Virginia, April 19, 1960
2:66 Photograph, John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy
2:67 Photograph, Lyndon B. Johnson
2:68 Photograph, John W. Garrett, Ambassador to Italy, August 2, 1929
2:69 Photograph, John W. Garrett, Ambassador to Italy, and wife, May 31, 1930
2:70 Photograph, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
2:71 Photograph, Darrel D. Wright (Alma) and Sister Edith Watson (Peora), Release of USS Pueblo, December 24, 1968
2:72 Photographs, World War I action, Jim Teets, Buckhannon, West Virginia (11 photographic postcards)
2:73 Photographs, World War I soldiers, John E. Coffman of Gypsy, West Virginia (28 prints)
2:74 Photographs, Stetson Victory Ship (7 prints)
2:75 Photographs, Quiet Dell Murders (Harry Powers) (17 prints)
2:76 Photograph, Don Vincent, West Virginia University basketball, March 8, 1957
2:77 Photograph, Margaret Ash Weekley
2:78 Photograph, Reverend Web Cunningham
2:79 Photograph, William A. Elsom, Stockton, California
2:80 Photograph, Kitty Hawthorne
2:81 Photograph, Edward Eugene Bork (?), Clarksburg, West Virginia
2:82 Photograph, Pa and Ma Skiles
2:83 Photograph, Grandpa and Ma Skiles with Grandpa and Ma Danner
2:84 Photographs, Donnelly family (10 prints)
2:85 Photograph, Warner family
2:86 Photograph, Ruby Marie Jarvis, Vida Ice, Belle Woodford, and Mable Conner, Philippi, West Virginia, August 12, 1897

Box 3

3:1 Photograph, Wedding party, Grace Ernch, Raymond Hodges, Edward L. Turner, and Blanche C. Fless, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 30, 1923
3:2 Photograph, Group sitting between "Stonewall" Jackson historical markers and statue in front of Harrison County courthouse, July 24, 1962
3:3 Photograph, Group in front of Salem Democrat office, Salem, West Virginia
3:4 Photograph, Unidentified trio, Benson, West Virginia
3:5 Photograph, Clarksburg "Crew," John Jay Denham on right
3:6 Photograph, Ida May baseball team, Marion County, West Virginia (Identified on back)
3:7 Photograph, John L. Lewis in front seat of an automobile leading a United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) parade, Fairmont, West Virginia, September 26, 1925
3:8 Photograph, Coal mine demonstration, Fairmont, West Virginia, September 28, 1925
3:9 Photograph, Group at Hardway Farm, Lost Creek, West Virginia, circa 1900s
3:10 Photograph, South Penn employees, Shirley, West Virginia, 1905
3:11 Photograph, Ribbon-cutting for modernized Sixth Street Bridge, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:12 Photograph, Association for Industrial Development, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1963
3:13 Photograph, United Fund Officers at Stonewall Jackson Hotel, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:14 Photograph, Cecil B. Highland and Don Potter pulling switch to turn on new vapor streetlights, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:15 Photograph, Logging, Luther Zirkle farm at Beech Root
3:16 Photograph, Rotary's Frank Aucremanne Day, December 13, 1967
3:17 Photograph, Group with Jennings Randolph and Robert C. Byrd including Mrs. J. Carl Rinehart (signed by both Randolph and Byrd)
3:18 Photographs, Pierce family, Clarksburg, West Virginia (5 prints, 9 tintypes)
3:19 Photograph, Lost Creek IOOF at Brick Church
3:20 Photograph, Mildred, Helen Brown, and Oneta at Tioga Lumberyard, 1938
3:21 Photograph, Search party for body of William Dale Janes, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:22 Photograph, Unidentified group of men in uniform
3:23 Photograph, Promotion shot of boxers
3:24 Photograph, Allen and Kile School, Lambert's Run, West Virginia, December 2, 1896
3:25 Photograph, Mountain Tea School, Teacher Buena Lough, March 4, 1902
3:26 Photograph, Jenks Fork School, November 1, 1907
3:27 Photograph, Manual training class, Carolina School, 1919-1920
3:28 Photograph, Grassy Run School, 1917
3:29 Photograph, Teacher Trella Lineville, Harrison County, West Virginia, 1920s
3:30 Photograph, Grade 5, Morgan Grade School, teach Janet Harris, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1972
3:31 Photograph, Red Knob group, Buckhannon, West Virginia
3:32 Photograph, Unidentified black school students
3:33 Photograph, Ritchie School, Class of 1894
3:34 Photograph, Bristol High School basketball team, 1932
3:35 Photograph, Graduates of 1940, St. James School, McMechen, West Virginia
3:36 Photograph, High school orchestra, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1918
3:37 Photograph, Carlisle School, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:38 Photograph, Mechanical drafting class, Central Junior High School, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:39 Photographs, Scott Marshall School of Opera, Clarksburg, West Virginia (3 prints)
3:40 Photograph, Clarksburg Community Chorus
3:41 Photograph, 2013 Madrigal Singers of Clarksburg, 75th anniversary reunion
3:42 Photograph, Madrigal Singers of Clarksburg
3:43 Photograph, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 12, 1924
3:44 Photograph, Aerial view of Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:45 Photograph, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:46 Photograph, Old Davis Homestead, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 11, 1924
3:47 Photograph, Payne building, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1934
3:48 Photograph, National Carbon Company, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:49 Photograph, Craig Motor, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:50 Photograph, National Guard Armory, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:51 Photograph, Veterans Affairs hospital, Clarksburg, West Virginia
3:52 Photographs, Melets Men's Store, Clarksburg, West Virginia (7 prints)
3:53 Photographs, Fairgrounds, Clarksburg, West Virginia (2 prints)
3:54 Photograph, Oral Lake site near Bridgeport, West Virginia
3:55 Photograph, Bank of Shinnston, January 27, 1961
3:56 Photograph, W. Milford Road from infirmary, Harrison, County, West Virginia
3:57 Photograph, Owings Hollow, 1927
3:58 Photograph, Blackwater Falls, Tucker County, West Virginia, Photograph by WV Photo Company, 1950
3:59 Photograph, Blackwater Canyon, Tucker County, West Virginia, Photograph by WV Photo Company, 1948
3:60 Photograph, Fetterman, West Virginia
3:61 Photograph, Grafton, West Virginia
3:62 Photograph, Jackson's Mill, 192(?)
3:63 Photograph, Jackson's Mill
3:64 Photographs, Prison at Huttonsville, September 15, 1940 (2 prints)
3:65 Photographs, Mining camp, Buckhannon River Coal Company (10 prints)
3:66 Photograph, Weston State Hospital
3:67 Photograph, Weston Church
3:68 Photograph, Bridge to plant, Shirley, West Virginia
3:69 Photographs, Peora, West Virginia (6 prints)
3:70 Photographs, Peora Pump Station (7 prints, 16 photographic postcards)
3:71 Photographs, Tornado damage, Oakdale, West Virginia, June 23, 1944? (11 prints)
3:72 Photographs, Walker, West Virginia (2 copy prints)
3:73 Photograph, Wyatt School
3:74 Photograph, Old Mill, West Milford, West Virginia, 1875
3:75 Photograph, Bridgeport Methodist Church, circa 1962

Box 4

4:1 Photographs, Flooding, 1888/1890 (2 prints)
4:2 Photographs, Flooding, Harrison County, 1985? (14 prints)
4:3 Photograph, Bartle, Cuba, 1905
4:4 Photograph, Communion service presented to White Chapel Christ Church Parish by Captain David Fox, Lancaster County, Virginia, 1669
4:5 Photograph, First stone of the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad
4:6 Photograph, West Virginia road construction, August 26, 1914
4:7 Photograph, Typical 1902 dining room
4:8 Photograph, WBOY TV-12 cameraman and studio
4:9 Loose pages from photograph album, 1910-1911 (27 prints)
4:10 Glass plate negatives, Oil derrick (2)
4:11 Drawing by J. D. King, Freeman house, Clarksburg, West Virginia
4:12 Drawing, Community Bank and Trust, Clarksburg, West Virginia
4:13 Postcards, Clarksburg (29 postcards)
4:14 Postcard, Man and women in car including Lucinda Rose with World War I flags, Clarksburg, West Virginia
4:15 Postcard, West Virginia Business College faculty and students, Clarksburg, West Virginia, November 15, 1943
4:16 Postcard, Women in kitchen of Maple Inn, U.S. 50, Clarksburg, West Virginia
4:17 Postcard, Grasseli Chemical Company, Clarksburg, West Virginia
4:18 Postcard, Jack Dempsey, Carmichael's Auditorium, Clarksburg, West Virginia
4:19 Postcard, Unidentified trio, Shinnston, West Virginia
4:20 Postcards, Shinnston (7 postcards)
4:21 Postcard, McGraw Avenue, West Grafton, West Virginia
4:22 Postcard, Cane Fork after the flood, Cabin Creek, West Virginia
4:23 Postcard, Flooding in Ravenswood, West Virginia, June 28, 1907
4:24 Postcard, Sacred Heart Hospital, Catholic Church, School and Rectory, Richwood, West Virginia
4:25 Postcard, Horses and buggies, 2nd Street, St. Marys, West Virginia
4:26 Postcard, Flooding on North Street, New Martinsville, West Virginia, March 5, 1907
4:27 Postcard, Flood of 1907, Market Street looking north from 17th Street, Wheeling, West Virginia
4:28 Postcard, Buck Run School, 45-star flag, Ritchie County, West Virginia, 1910
4:29 Postcard, Cairo, West Virginia
4:30 Postcard, Dam #13, McMechen, West Virginia
4:31 Postcard, B&O Railroad Depot and Main Street, Pennsboro, West Virginia
4:32 Postcard, Main Street, Salem, West Virginia
4:33 Postcard, Salem Baptist Church, Salem, West Virginia
4:34 Postcard, Commencement Hall, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia
4:35 Postcard, Fraternity pledges, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia
4:36 Postcard, Watson Hotel building, Fairmont, West Virginia
4:37 Postcard, William T. Harrah, Backus, West Virginia
4:38 Postcard, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Bramwell, West Virginia
4:39 Postcard, Hastings Station
4:40 Postcard, Altar at Catholic Church, Parkersburg, West Virginia
4:41 Postcard, Main and Kanawha Streets, Buckhannon, West Virginia
4:42 Postcards, Unidentified oil field workers and equipment (3 postcards)
4:43 Postcards, Miscellaneous (20 postcards)
4:44 Postcards with correspondence (68 postcards)

Box 5

5:1 Photographs, Unidentified people (41 prints, 1 ambrotype, 15 tintypes, 1 negative)
5:2 Photographs, Unidentified groups (17 prints)
5:3 Photographs, Unidentified homes (7 prints)
5:4 Photographs, Unidentified locations (8 prints)
5:5 Miscellaneous copy prints (10)

Box 6

6:1 Photograph album, Everettville Mine employees attend a baseball game, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 13, 1950 (25 prints)
6:2 Photograph album, Robert C. Byrd funeral, Charleston, West Virginia, July 2, 2010 (66 prints)
6:3 Photograph album, Unidentified family (32 prints)

Box 7: Oversized

Photograph, Unidentified school group Photograph, Msalenan Bros. Company, Hope Gasoline Plant, Hastings, West Virginia
Photograph, Large group posing outside building with horse and buggy in front
Photograph, Large group of men posed outside the Goff Building and old Clarksburg Courthouse
Photograph, Construction of a building, Christmas gift to Miss Lela Swiger, December 25, 1906
Photograph, Family on porch, A Christmas gift from Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elliott, December 25, 1915
Photograph, Alice Allen Barlow, Eva Mines, Earl Israel at the fairgrounds
Photograph, Wilsonburg Baptist Sunday School picnic at old Union Park, Clarksburg, Summer of 1907
Photograph, Outside employees, Consol #35 Mine, O'Neil, circa 1912
Photograph, View of Alexander, October 22, 1893
Photograph, Francis School
Photograph, School group, Weston, West Virginia
Photograph, Calora Hardway, Gertrude Hardway, Margaret Hardway, Lost Creek, circa 1904
Sketch, Stonewall Jackson
Photograph, Unidentified group outside building
Photograph, Group of seven men outside building
Photograph, Unidentified woman outside of home
Photograph, West Virginia Medical Association, Webster Springs, West Virginia, 1906
Photograph, Lula Craig Lemley's old room
Photograph, Men around large wooden tripod
Photograph, Congressional Library, Washington, D. C., September 1, 1897
Photograph, Unidentified buildings in camp
Photograph, Group of twelve unidentified men in uniform, Photograph by Waite & Pettitt
Photograph, Unidentified couple, Photograph by Electric Studios, Clarksburg, West Virginia (Colorized)
Photograph, Family posed outside home, E. W. Kochler, Shinnston, West Virginia
Photograph, Senior Class, Tyler County High School, 1939
Photograph, Advisors and Senior Class, Victory High School, Clarksburg, 1941
Photograph, Lost Creek High School, Class of 1950
Photograph, West Virginia House of Delegates, 1911
Stock Certificate, Four States Coal Company, 1916 (contains photographs of construction of Annabelle tipple and completed Annabelle tipple)

Box 7A: Oversized (In Folder)

Photograph, Class composite, Shinnston High School senior class, 1938
Collection of tintype photographs from Lewis County (10 tintypes)
Panoramic, Unidentified school band (Don Bever)
Photograph, Mr. Lancaster from Marion County
Photograph, John Hamilton Meeting, West Pike Street tabernacle, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1915
Photograph, Explosion at Katherine No. 4 Mine, (L-R) E. E. Quenon, P. F. McLinden, A. K. Bloom, and Jesse C. Redyard

Box 8: Oversized

Photograph, Unidentified racetrack, Clarksburg, West Virginia (?)
Photographs, View of crowd in courtroom (?), 1938-1939 (2 prints)
Photograph, View of crowd in courtroom (?), n.d.
Photograph, HNG (Hope Natural Gas?) employees, n.d.
Photograph, HNG (Hope Natural Gas?) company linemen, n.d.
Photograph, Hope Natural Gas employees (?) in tent, n.d.
Photograph, Children in classroom (Tom Thumb Circus), Adamston Grade School, Clarksburg, West Virginia, n.d.
Photograph, Reunion in Doddridge County, n.d.
Photograph, 50th Reunion, Buckhannon-Upshur High School Class of 1940, Moose Lodge, July 21, 1990
Photographic Postcard, Thelma Birch, Fenwick, West Virginia, n.d.
Photograph, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. with his bride, Helen (Varner) Vanderbilt of Clarksburg, n.d.
Photograph, Pioneers outing, Jackson's Mill, May 22, 1937
Photographic Postcard, Traders Hotel, Clarksburg, West Virginia, n.d.
Photograph, Good service party at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 19, 1939 (named on backs) (2 prints)
Photograph, Clarksburg First Aid team, winners in contest, Charleston High School gymnasium, May 4, 1922 (see list for names)
Photograph, Telephone school class (W. L. Barker, instructor) dinner held at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel, Clarksburg, West Virginia, April 16, 1937
Photograph, Kappa Sigma Pi Chapter 577 band, Clarksburg, West Virginia, n.d.
Photograph, Party sponsored by the Telephone Pioneers of America, Martinsburg, West Virginia, May 12, 1939
Photograph, Group that participated in the evacuation of Grafton Central Office on April 11, 1952, and the Philippi Central Office on April 14, 1952 (see list for names)
Photograph, Honoring safe drivers, Waldo Hotel, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1940
Photograph, Wesley Choir, First Methodist Church, Fairmont, West Virginia, 1951-1952
Photograph, Christmas party, Stonewall Jackson Hotel, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1939
Photograph, Christmas gathering/Roller-skating party at unidentified lodge, n.d.
Photograph, Unidentified Christmas gathering, n.d.
Photograph, Clarksburg Pioneers picnic, Jackson's Mill, May 23, 1936
Photographs, The Rose sisters, n.d. (2 prints)
Photograph, Elbert Strother, cousin of Lucinda Rose, n.d.
Photograph, War bond meeting, circa 1944
Photograph, Unidentified dinner party, three men and one woman at table, n.d.
Photographic Postcard, Two identical homes with church and oil derricks in background, n.d.
Photograph, Two unidentified women and one unidentified man with airplane, n.d. (2 prints)
Photographic Postcard, Mrs. Harsh and Grandma Sell, n.d.
Photograph, Installation of District Officers of the West Virginia Kiwanis, n.d.
Photograph, Old Jackson's Mill house, view from mill, n.d.
Photograph, Rushing temporary reservoirs to E. E. Swiger Well No. 1, Phila Co., Shinnston, West Virginia, 1909 (photocopy)
Photograph, Martinsburg Telephone Pioneers, October 10, 1941
Photograph, Class at Adamston Grade School, Clarksburg, West Virginia, n.d.
Photograph, Unidentified group, possibly a college class, n.d.


Panoramic, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad staff meeting, Clarksburg, March 5, 1928
Panoramic, Eighth Annual Joint Conference, Hope Natural Gas Company/Peoples Natural Gas Company, William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, May 10, 1933

Photograph Collections

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