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George F. Williamson Family Collection


Descriptive Summary

Title: George F. Williamson Family Collection
Span Dates: 1822-2018
Bulk Dates: 1822-1900
ID No: Ms2021-202
Creator: George F. Williamson Family
Extent: 2 boxes and 1 oversized folder
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: This collection includes photographs relating to the family of George F. Williamson and the early years of Williamson, West Virginia.

Administrative Information

Donor: The collection, which was preserved for years by Helen Williamson, was transferred to the State Archives by R. Doyle Van Meter and Linda Van Meter.
Transfers: Museum items
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], George F. Williamson Family Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.
Processor: Aaron Parsons
Biographical Note:

Contents List:

Box 1

1:1 Photographs, Williamson family (24 B&W prints)
1:2 Portraits, Colonel Wallace J. Williamson (?) (4 B&W prints)
1:3 Portrait, Colonel Wallace J. Williamson (?) and unidentified woman (1 B&W print)
1:4 Portrait, Julius Williamson (1 B&W print)
1:5 Portrait, Mrs. M. F. Williamson (1 B&W print)
1:6 Portrait, Chloe Williamson, March 1, 1890 (1 B&W print)
1:7 Photograph, H. J. Williamson and son George F. Williamson (1 B&W print)
1:8 Portrait, George F. Williamson, Winnie Williamson, and Maxie Williamson (1 B&W print)
1:9 Colored tintype, George Floyd Williamson, father of Helen
1:10 Photograph, George F. Williamson and Lafayette Dewey Williamson (1 B&W print)
1:11 Portrait, Mrs. George F. Williamson (1 B&W print)
1:12 Portrait, Jimmy Williamson, son of George F. Williamson, Jr. (1 B&W print)
1:13 Portrait, Uncle Dewey (Williamson?) (1 B&W print and 1 photocopy)
1:14 Photograph, Masie (Maxie) Esther Williamson (Mrs. Henry Evan Davis) (1 B&W print)
1:15 Photograph, Dr. Henry Evan Davis, husband of Maxie Williamson, with three children (1 copy print)
1:16 Photograph, Winnie Victoria Williamson (Mrs. F. F. McElroy) (1 B&W print)
1:17 Photographs, Fulton McElroy, son of Winnie Williamson McElroy (2 B&W prints)
1:18 Portrait, Wythe Wampler, Galax, Virginia (1 B&W print)
1:19 Photograph, Wythe Wampler and family (?) (1 B&W print)
1:20 Photograph, Home of Wythe Wampler (?), 1921 (1 B&W print)
1:21 Photograph, Albert Robertson, Sr. with Native Americans in Oklahoma while on a trip (1 B&W print)
1:22 Portrait, Edwin and Anna Robertson (1 B&W print)
1:23 Portrait, Emily Lawson Smith (1 B&W print)
1:24 Portrait, Luther Burnside, August 12, 1908 (1 B&W print)
1:25 Portrait, Mr. George M. Wolford with unidentified woman, Crockett, Virginia (1 B&W print)
1:26 Portraits, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mather (2 B&W prints)
1:27 Photograph, Mac McElroy, Mary Stine, Virginia Stine, and Arietta (McElroy?), December 27, 1990 (1 color print)
1:28 Photograph, Group of string instrumentalists (1 B&W print)
1:29 Photographs, Williamson homeplace, 4th Avenue (8 B&W prints and 1 clipping)
1:30 Photographs, Early homestead (Williamson family?) (18 B&W prints)
1:31 Photographs, First United Methodist Church Bible class on present site of Mountaineer Hotel, 1920 (3 B&W prints and 1 xerox copy)
1:32 Photograph, Home of Anthony Lawson III and Anne Bilton (1 copy print)
1:33 Photograph, Group in Williamson, West Virginia, 1903 (1 B&W print)
1:34 Photographs, Early Williamson city (Legend) (2 copy prints)
1:35 Photograph, Williamson as seen from South Williamson from west end side (1 B&W print)
1:36 Photograph, Lydia “Ma” Smith’s house located on Prichard Street (Lady is Maxie Kellam) and Titanic Boarding House at the end of First Avenue beside Mingo Lime Building (1 copy print)
1:37 Photograph, Group of Williamson woman, Mrs. Caponite in center (1 copy print)
1:38 Photograph, Huntington, West Virginia/Portrait of two children (1 two-sided print - cut in half)
1:39 Photographs, Train wreck at Armour Crossing (36 B&W prints)
1:40 Photographs, Political rally, Meta, Kentucky (15 B&W prints)

Box 2

2:1 Photograph, Group on steps of Cozy Inn, Hot Springs, Arkansas (1 B&W print)
2:2 Photograph, Unidentified man with cow, photograph by McLead of Happy Hollow, Hot Springs, Arkansas (1 B&W print)
2:3 Tickets, Frank E. Griswold's Railroad Pavilion (2 tickets)
2:4 Photograph, Three men on horseback (1 B&W print)
2:5 Photographs, Sawmill (2 B&W prints)
2:6 Unidentified ambrotype (Damaged)
2:7 Unidentified tintypes (19 tintypes)
2:8 Hand-colored tintype of unidentified woman
2:9 Portraits, Unidentified man (2 B&W prints)
2:10 Photograph, Unidentified graduating class (1 B&W print)
2:11 Photograph, Unidentified person speaking on old telephone (1 B&W print)
2:12 Unidentified portraits, families (5 B&W prints)
2:13 Unidentified portraits, couples (3 B&W prints)
2:14 Portraits, Unidentified man (2 B&W prints)
2:15 Portraits, Unidentified man (2 B&W prints)
2:16 Portraits, Unidentified soldier (2 B&W prints)
2:17 Portraits, Unidentified woman (3 B&W prints)
2:18 Portraits, Unidentified couple (2 B&W prints)
2:19 Unidentified portraits, women (13 B&W prints)
2:20 Unidentified portraits, men (13 B&W prints)
2:21 Unidentified home (1 B&W print)


Portraits, Two unidentified women
Portrait, Unidentified woman
Photograph, Presbyterian Church group (?), Williamson, West Virginia, February 14, 1935
Photographs, Methodist groups, circa 1920s-1930s (3 B&W prints)
Portraits, Three unidentified men

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