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Boyd B. Stutler Collection

This is a comprehensive finding aid for the Boyd B. Stutler Photograph Collection.
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Descriptive Summary

Title: Boyd B. Stutler Collection
Span Dates: circa 1840s - 1960s
Bulk Dates: 1850s - 1860s
ID No: Ph78-001
Creator: Boyd B. Stutler
Extent: 21 boxes, 4 panorama
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV

Administrative Information

Provenance: Boyd B. Stutler
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Boyd B. Stutler Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.

Box 1: John Brown Portraits

1:1 Portrait, John Brown, one of the earliest, Springfield, Massachusetts
1:2 Portrait, John Brown by Buttre
1:3 Photograph of mural by Ishigaki, includes John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, and Frederick Douglass
1:4 "Trial and Execution of John Brown," lithograph by Bennett
1:5 Montage, "John Brown Memorial"
1:6 "John Brown Exhibiting his Executioners," 1865
1:7 Portrait, John Brown by Brodt
1:8 Portrait, John Brown by Dodge
1:9 Portrait, John Brown by J. J. Hawes (Family's favorite portrait)
1:10 Portrait, John Brown, Kansas Photo, circa 1857
1:11 Portrait, John Brown, Sketch by Day
1:12 John Brown sketches by Joseph H. Diss Debar
1:13 Portrait, John Brown by Woodman
1:14 Photograph, John Brown statue by Pollia, Lake Placid, New York
1:15 Photograph, John Brown mural by Curry
1:16 Photograph, John Brown sculpture, Kansas City
1:17 Photograph, John Brown statue by Walters, Osawatomie, Kansas
1:18 Photograph, Medals/tokens to commemorate John Brown
1:19 Portraits, John Brown
1:20 Portraits, John Brown (sketches, etc. from J. W. Black photo)
1:21 John Brown sketches by Boteler
1:22 John Brown pastel by Dourgherty
1:23 Portrait, John Brown, Joseph H. Diss Debar pencil sketch (Original)
1:24 Portrait, John Brown, Lithograph by Kellogg (from J. W. Black photo)
1:25 Portrait, John Brown, Albany, Ney York (owned by Kansas Historical Society)
1:26 Portrait, "The Trial of John Brown" by Lithgow
1:27 Pencil sketch of John Brown by Dewing
1:28 Sketch, "John Brown enroute from jail to scaffold" by David H. Strother (Porte Crayon)
1:29 Portrait, John Brown
1:30 Portrait, John Brown by Cole
1:31 Portrait, John Brown (owned by New York Historical Society)
1:32 Pencil drawing of John Brown (original)
1:33 Portrait, John Brown by L. Prang and Co.
1:34 Portrait, John Brown by Bowser
1:35 Portrait, John Brown by Bowman
1:36 Portrait, John Brown by Onthank
1:37 Portrait, Painting of John Brown by Morse
1:38 Portrait, John Brown pastel by Prior
1:39 Portrait, Painting of John Brown by Hartshorn
1:40 Portrait, Oil painting of John Brown
1:41 Portrait, Painting of John Brown by Beard
1:42 Portrait, John Brown by Boston Photo
1:43 Portrait, Engraving of John Brown (Original? - Dodge copy)
1:44 Photograph, John Brown bust by Morse
1:45 Portrait of John Brown with Quotation
1:46 Stamp Photo, Centennial Observance of Brown's Raid
1:47 Portrait, John Brown by Tenny
1:48 Portrait, John Brown by Bowser
1:49 "John Brown going to the Scaffold" by Ransom
1:50 Portrait, John Brown by Collins
1:51 Montage, "Old Brown's Career Illustrated"
1:52 Photograph, Engraved crystal of Brown's Raid
1:53 Photograph, John Brown sculpture
1:54 Photograph, John Brown bust, Torrington, Connecticut
1:55 Portrait, John Brown by William Stutler
1:56 "Brown and the Fugitive Slave" by Lipton
1:57 Photograph, John Brown bust by Plood
1:58 Photograph, John Brown bust by Merrell Gage
1:59 Photograph, "John Brown's Body" raised relief sculpture
1:60 John Brown cartoons
1:61 Photograph, John Brown bust by Brackett

Box 2: Brown Family Portraits

2:1 Abbie Hinkley Brown, Daughter-in-law of John Brown, wife of Salmon Brown
2:2 Annie Brown Adams
2:3 Ellen Brown
2:4 George W. Brown
2:5 Isabella Thompson Brown, Daughter-in-law of John Brown
2:6 Jeremiah Root Brown, Brother of John Brown
2:7 Jason Brown
2:8 John Brown, Jr.
2:9 Mary Ann Day Brown
2:10 Oliver Brown, Son of John Brown
2:11 Owen Brown, Father of John Brown
2:12 Owen Brown, Son of John Brown
2:13 Salmon Brown, Son of John Brown
2:14 Sarah Brown
2:15 Watson Brown, Son of John Brown
2:16 Wealthy Hotchkiss Brown, Daughter-in-law of John Brown
2:17 Martha L. Brown Davis, Sister of John Brown
2:18 Marion Brown Hand, Sister of John Brown
2:19 Herman (Heman) Humphreys, Cousin of John Brown
2:20 Henry Thompson
2:21 Mary E. Thompson
2:22 Ruth Brown Thompson
2:23 Brown family photographs
2:24 Brown family burial markers
2:25 Mr. and Mrs. J. Oscar Brown (Peter Browne descendant)
2:26 Peter Browne Bible

Box 3: John Brown Related Sites

3:1 Sketches and photographs, Kansas
3:2 John Brown and his men, Lawrence, Kansas
3:3 Torrington, Connecticut, John Brown's birthplace
3:4 Brown cabin, Osawatomie, Kansas
3:5 John Brown Memorial Park, Osawatomie, Kansas
3:6 Springfield, Massachusetts
3:7 Brown's Tannery, New Richmond, Pennsylvania
3:8 Brown Memorial, Akron, Ohio
3:9 Akron, Ohio
3:10 Kent, Ohio
3:11 Hudson, Ohio
3:12 Mary Brown home, Saratoga, California (Red Bluff)
3:13 Brown cave and museum, Nebraska City, Nebraska
3:14 Brown farmhouse, North Elba, New York

Box 3A: John Brown Related Sites

3:15 Farmhouse interior, North Elba, New York
3:16 Stereoviews, North Elba, New York
3:17 North Elba, New York
3:18 Brown markers, North Elba, New York
3:19 Graves of John Brown's men buried at North Elba, New York
3:20 Transfer of Brown farm to New York State (Kate Field and Memorial Association)
3:21 Todd House and Dalmanutha, Iowa

Box 4: Brown Acquaintances and Charles Town Trial Participants

4:1 Twelve men of the jury
4:2 Father of Amos Lawrence
4:3 Reverend S. L. Adair
4:4 John Avis, John Brown's jailor
4:5 Steven Vincent Benet
4:6 Lawson Botts
4:7 George W. Boyer
4:8 Helen Tanner Brodt, Sketch of Battle Creek Meadows, California
4:9 Robert T. Brown
4:10 Sheriff James W. Campbell
4:11 Lora Care
4:12 Samuel Chilton
4:13 Captain John E. Cook, John Brown's First Officer
4:14 George Delamater
4:15 Frederick Douglass
4:16 Isaac Dust
4:17 Lyman Epps, Jr. (Farm at North Elba)
4:18 Charles James Faulkner
4:19 Sketch, Thomas C. Green, Andrew Hunter, Charles J. Faulkner, and William Green
4:20 Thomas C. Green
4:21 William Green
4:22 Hiram Griswold
4:23 Charles B. Harding
4:24 Reverend Walker Hawkins
4:25 Richard J. Hinton
4:26 George H. Hoyt
4:27 David Hudson, Founder of Hudson, Ohio
4:28 Andrew Hunter
4:29 Harvey Cornelius Jackson
4:30 Charles Ransford Jennison
4:31 John J. Locke
4:32 John C. McClure
4:33 Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller McKin
4:34 William A. Martin
4:35 William Maxon
4:36 Jacob J. Miller
4:37 Thomas A. Moore
4:38 Joseph Myers
4:39 Orange Noble
4:40 Henry Steel Olcott
4:41 Thomas Osborne
4:42 Judge Richard Parker
4:43 Reverend William W. Patton
4:44 James Redpath
4:45 William Rightodale
4:46 Charles Robinson
4:47 Horatio Rust
4:48 The Secret Six
4:49 George Luther Stearns
4:50 Henry L. Stearns
4:51 David Henry Strother (Porte Crayon)
4:52 George W. Tapp
4:53 Richard Timberlake
4:54 Oswald Garrison Villard
4:55 S. W. Walker
4:56 Thomas Watson, Jr.
4:57 John C. Wiltshure
4:58 Governor Henry A. Wise
4:59 Charles Blair
4:60 Maria Chapman
4:61 Mr. and Mrs. William Lloyd Garrison
4:62 Gerrit Smith
4:63 Wendell Phillips
4:64 Theodore Parker
4:65 A. M. Rose
4:66 William Pitt Fessenden
4:67 Salmon P. Chase
4:68 Horace Greeley
4:69 James Montgomery
4:70 Elizabeth Powell Bond
4:71 Harriet Martineau
4:72 Fanny Kemble
4:73 Edwin Brackett
4:74 Mammy Pleasant

Box 5: Raid Accomplices and Hostages

5:1 Opening grave of Brown's men killed at Harpers Ferry, 1865
5:2 Jeremiad L. Anderson
5:3 John and Thomas Alstadt, Prisoners of John Brown
5:4 Terrence Byrne, Hostage
5:5 John Anthony Copeland
5:6 Barclay Coppoc
5:7 Charles C. Corklyn
5:8 John E. Cooke
5:9 Edwin Coppoc
5:10 John E. R. Dangerfield, Hostage
5:11 Colonel Hugh Forbes
5:12 Colonel John Thomas Gibson, First Commander of Virginia Troops during John Brown's Raid
5:13 Headstone of Luke Quinn, U.S. Marine who died during Harpers Ferry raid
5:14 Shields Green
5:15 Albert Hazlett
5:16 Patrick Higgins, Night watchman
5:17 Thomas Wentworth Higginson (Secret Six)
5:18 Samuel Gridley and Julia Ward Howe
5:19 John Henry Kagi
5:20 John Henry Kagi, A. D. Stevens, Oliver Brown, and Watson Brown
5:21 William Henry Leeman
5:22 Lewis Sheridan Leary
5:23 James Mansfield
5:24 Francis Jackson Meriam
5:25 William Frederick Milton
5:26 Newby Dangerfield
5:27 Osborn Perry Anderson
5:28 Frank B. Sanborn
5:29 Heywood Shepherd, African American killed by raiders
5:30 Dr. John D. Starry, "Paul Revere of the John Brown raid"
5:31 Aaron Dwight Stevens
5:32 Stewart Taylor
5:33 Dauphin O. Thompson
5:34 William Thompson
5:35 Charles Plummer Tidd
5:36 Colonel Lewis W. Washington, Hostage
5:37 Revolver and flask

Box 6:Insurrection Sketches and Building Photos

6:1 John Brown Raid, Insurrections
6:2 John Brown Raid, Capture
6:3 John Brown Trial sketches
6:4 Charles Town Jail scenes
6:5 John Brown's execution
6:6 John Brown Raid, Miscellaneous
6:7 John Brown in coffin and North Elba burial
6:8 Kennedy Farm
6:9 Bell from John Brown's Fort, Marlboro, Massachusetts
6:10 Brown, Chatham Convention, Canada
6:11 Tabor, Iowa
6:12 Harpers Ferry, Commemorative stamps, etc.
6:12A Members of Fort Warren Choral group, Originators of "John Brown's Body"
6:13 Lieutenant Israel Greene, U.S. Marine Corps., Participated in capture of John Brown
6:14 Hatchet use to cut Brown's noose
6:15 John Brown's Fort, Engine House
6:16 John Brown Memorials, Harpers Ferry - Highway Markers
6:17 John Brown jailhouse, Charles Town
6:18 Charles Town, John Brown markers
6:19 Covered bridge, John Brown markers
6:20 Charles Town Courthouse
6:21 Abraham Galloway
6:22 John Brown's Bible, given by John F. Blessing, Charles Town
6:23 Arrival of Mrs. Brown in Charlestown, Accompanied by Captain Moore and Escort, December 1, 1859
6:24 Chatham Church, Canada
6:25 Jacob Collamer
6:26 Thomas Starr King
6:27 Photograph of John Brown's undertaker record

Box 7: Harpers Ferry Scenes

7:1 Harpers Ferry in Wartime
7:2 Stereoviews of Harpers Ferry
7:3 Burning of U.S. Arsenal at Harpers Ferry
7:4 Harpers Ferry from the Potomac side
7:5 Blowing up the railroad bridge at Harpers Ferry
7:6 Harpers Ferry, circa 1865
7:7 Harpers Ferry, Junction of the rivers Shenandoah and Potomac, 1850
7:8 Harpers Ferry sketches, Miscellaneous
7:9 Harpers Ferry by Moonlight
7:10 Harpers Ferry from the Blue Ridge
7:11 Map of the Harpers Ferry Region
7:12 Harpers Ferry scenes
7:13 Harpers Ferry, Miscellaneous Photos
7:14 John Brown in movies
7:15 Battle Hymn of the Republic, John Brown's Body
7:16 Hendrick Wilhelm Van Loon
7:17 John Brown Raid Centennial

Box 8: Civil War - Domestic, Political, etc.

8:1 A. B. Alcott
8:2 John A. Andrews
8:3 Henry Ward Beecher
8:4 Judah Park Benjamin
8:5 Montgomery Blair
8:6 John Wilkes Booth
8:6A John Minor Botts
8:7 President James Buchanan
8:8 John C. Calhoun
8:9 Lewis Cass
8:10 Salmon P. Chase
8:11 Reverend George Cheever
8:12 Reverend J. F. Clark
8:13 Cassius Clay
8:14 J. Collamer
8:15 George M. Curtis
8:16 David Davis
8:17 Jefferson Davis cartoons
8:18 Jefferson Davis
8:19 Jefferson Davis's family
8:20 Stephen Douglas
8:21 Edward Everett
8:22 Charles Faulkner
8:23 Abby Kelly Foster
8:24 Professor O. S. Fowler
8:25 Wendell Phillips Garrison
8:26 William Lloyd Garrison
8:27 Joshua R. Giddings
8:28 Horace Greeley
8:29 John P. Hale
8:30 Hannibal Hamlin
8:31 John Hay
8:32 William H. Herndon
8:33 Andrew Johnson
8:34 J. P. Kennedy (Maryland)
8:35 General Jim Lane (Kansas)
8:36 Governor John Letcher (Virginia)
8:37 President Abraham Lincoln
8:38 Abraham Lincoln cartoons
8:39 Abe Lincoln Cartoons
8:40 Mary Lincoln and Varina Howell Davis
8:41 Elijah P. Lovejoy
8:42 James M. Mason
8:43 Samuel F. B. Morse
8:44 Lucretia Mott
8:45 Charles Elliot Norton
8:46 Palmerston and Gladstone
8:47 Theodore Parker
8:48 Wendell Phillips
8:49 President Franklin Pierce
8:50 S. C. Pomeroy (Kansas)
8:51 Postmaster General John H. Reagan
8:52 Edmund Ruffin
8:53 William H. Seward
8:54 John Sherman (Ohio)
8:55 John Slidell
8:56 Edwin M. Stanton
8:57 Alexander Stephens
8:58 Thaddeus Stevens
8:59 Harriet B. Stowe
8:60 Secretary of the Interior Alexander H. H. Stuart
8:61 Charles Sumner
8:62 Eli Thayer and James Montgomery
8:63 Robert Toombs
8:64 Harriet Tubman
8:65 "Nat Turner and the Confederates in Conference"
8:66 Clement Vallingdham
8:67 Daniel Vorhees
8:68 Robert J. Walker
8:69 Daniel Webster
8:70 Gideon Wells
8:71 Henry Wilson
8:72 Fernando Wood (New York)
8:73 William L. Yancey
8:74 Election ballots, Democratic and Union, 1960
8:75 Northern Public Officials, circa 1860
8:76 Loyal Governors
8:77 Opponents of Slave Power
8:78 "Barbara Friechie's Defiance"
8:79 Confederate cabinet
8:80 Dan Emmett and "Dixie"
8:81 White House of the Confederacy
8:82 "Death of Little Eva"
8:83 Pro-slavery caricature
8:84 Slave children
8:85 Rebecca, a slave
8:86 Abraham Galloway, an escaped slave
8:87 Signing of the Emancipation Proclamation
8:88 Slave Coffle by Joseph H. Diss Debar
8:89 "A Peculiar Institution," Abolitionist photo of slave's back, 1859
8:90 "The Emancipation of the American Negro" by Daniel Boza
8:91 Raffle of slave, Slave sale
8:92 Views of slavery

Box 9: Civil War - Military

9:1 Confederate Generals
9:2 Confederate Flag
9:3 General Lewis A. Armstead, CSA
9:4 General Turner Ashby, CSA
9:5 Colonel Robert W. Baylor, CSA
9:6 General P. T. G. Beauregard, CSA
9:7 General Barnard E. Bee, CSA
9:8 General Braxton Bragg, CSA
9:9 General Jubal Early, CSA
9:10 General John Echols, CSA
9:11 General Arnold Elzey, CSA
9:12 Nathan B. Forest, CSA
9:13 General Samuel Gibbs French, CSA
9:14 Colonel Harry Gilmer, CSA
9:15 General John B. Gordon, CSA
9:16 General Wade Hampton, CSA
9:17 General William J. Hardee, CSA
9:18 General Henry Heth, CSA
9:19 General A. P. Hill, CSA
9:20 General Daniel H. Hill, CSA
9:21 General John B. Hood, CSA
9:22 General Albert Sidney Johnson, CSA
9:23 General Joseph E. Johnson, CSA
9:24 Colonel Fitzhugh Lee, CSA
9:25 General Robert E. Lee, CSA
9:26 General James Longstreet, CSA
9:27 General John B. Magruder, CSA
9:28 Colonel Henry Clay Pate, CSA
9:29 Major John Pelham, CSA
9:30 General William Dorsey Pender, CSA
9:31 General William N. Pendleton, CSA
9:32 General J. J. Pettigrew, CSA
9:33 General George Pickett, CSA
9:34 General Leonidas Polk, CSA
9:35 Major James W. Sweeney, CSA
9:36 General Cadmus M. Wilcox, CSA
9:37 Union Generals
9:38 Union Cavalry Officers
9:39 Union volunteer
9:40 General W. W. Averell, USA
9:41 Colonel Edward Baker, USA
9:42 General Nathanial P. Banks, USA
9:43 General Frank P. Blair, USA
9:44 General James Blunt, USA
9:45 Sergeant John Brown, USA
9:46 General Don Carlos Buell, USA
9:47 General Ambrose Burnside, USA
9:48 General Cyrus Bussey, USA
9:49 General Benjamin F. Butler, USA
9:49A General Thomas L. Crittenden, USA
9:50 General Samuel R. Curtis, USA
9:51 General George A. Custer, USA
9:52 General Jeff Davis, USA
9:53 General John A. Dix, USA
9:54 Major General Grenville Mellen Dodge, USA
9:55 Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth, USA
9:56 General John C. Fremont, USA
9:57 General John Geary, USA
9:58 General Ulysses S. Grant, USA
9:59 General Charles Griffin, USA
9:60 General Henry W. Halleck, USA
9:61 W. S. Hancock, Cavalry, USA
9:62 General T. M. Harris, USA
9:63 General John F. Hartranft, USA
9:64 General Samuel Heintzelman, USA
9:65 Major General Joseph Hooker, USA
9:66 General Oliver O. Howard, USA
9:67 General David Hunter, USA
9:68 General Phil Kearny, USA
9:69 General E. D. Keyes, USA
9:69A General Frederick W. Lander, USA
9:70 General George B. McClellan, USA
9:71 General Irwin McDowell, USA
9:72 Brigadier General Alfred McDuffie, USA
9:73 General John B. McPherson, USA
9:74 General George Meade, USA
9:75 General Robert Patterson, USA
9:76 General John Pope, USA
9:77 General Fitz-John Porter, USA
9:78 General John F. Reynolds, USA
9:79 General Winfield Scott, USA
9:80 General John Sedgwick, USA

Box 9A: Civil War - Miltary

9:81 General William T. Sherman, USA
9:82 General Philip H. Sheridan, USA
9:83 General James Shields, USA
9:83A General James B. Steedman, USA
9:84 General David Hunter Strother, USA
9:85 General Edwin V. Sumner, USA
9:86 General George H. Thomas, USA
9:87 General Lew Wallace, USA
9:88 Colonel Fletcher Webster, USA
9:89 General Orlando Wilcox, USA
9:90 General John Wool, USA
9:91 Union Naval Officers
9:92 Rear Admiral Samuel DuPont, U.S. Navy
9:93 Admiral David Farragut, U.S. Navy
9:94 Commander Andrew Foote, U.S. Navy
9:95 Admiral David D. Porter, U.S. Navy
9:96 Captain Charles Wilkes, U.S. Navy
9:97 Antietam
9:98 Gettysburg
9:99 Battle of Shiloh
9:100 Island #10
9:101 Monitor vs. Merrimac
9:102 Burning of the U.S. Merchantman by Rebel Pirates
9:103 Fort Sumter
9:104 Fredericksburg
9:105 Attack on Fort Wagner
9:106 Fort Donelson
9:107 General Lyons Charge at the Battle of Wilson's Creek
9:108 Death of Colonel Baker
9:109 Death of Ellsworth
9:110 Attack on the Massachusetts 6th in Baltimore
9:111 Henry Wirz and Andersonville
9:112 Libby Prison
9:113 Capture of Forts Jackson and St. Phillip/New Orleans
9:114 Bull Run/First Manassas
9:115 Sherman's March to the Sea
9:116 Review of Troops at end of war
9:117 Old Capitol Prison, Washington, D.C.
9:118 Military executions during the Civil War

Box 10: West Virginia Confederate Battle Sketches

10:1 John Yates Beall, CSA
10:2 Belle Boyd, CSA spy
10:3 John E. Boyd (Belle's cousin)
10:4 Captain Joseph McAdams Broun, CSA
10:5 General John B. Floyd, CSA
10:6 Death of General Robert S. Garnett, CSA
10:7 Nancy Hart
10:8 Colonel John C. Higginbottham, CSA
10:9 General John D. Imboden, CSA
10:10 General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, CSA
10:11 General William L. Jackson, CSA
10:12 General Albert Gallatin Jenkins, CSA
10:13 General Adam R. "Stovepipe" Johnson, CSA
10:14 General William E. "Grumble" Jones, CSA
10:15 General Edwin Gray Lee, CSA
10:16 General John McCausland, CSA
10:17 Alexander McChesney and James McChesney
10:18 John McNeil and Jesse McNeil (McNeil's Rangers), CSA
10:19 Colonel George S. Patton, CSA
10:20 General George Porterfield, CSA
10:21 General Thomas Rossier, CSA
10:22 General J. E. B. Stuart, CSA
10:23 Colonel W. P. Thompson, CSA
10:24 Colonel Christopher Q. Tompkins and Mrs. Ellen Wilkins Tompkins, CSA
10:25 Colonel John Augustine Washington, CSA
10:26 Confederate post offices in West Virginia
10:27 Montage, West Virginia Confederate postmarks
10:28 Prisoner of War envelope, 1865

Box 11: West Virginia Union Battle Sketches

11:1 Captain Henry Bender, USA
11:2 General Henry Capehart, USA
11:3 General Jacob D. Cox, USA
11:4 General Thomas T. Crittenden, USA
11:5 Major General George Crook, USA
11:6 Lieutenant Josiah Curtis, USA
11:7 Colonel William B. Curtis, USA
11:8 Colonel Ebenezer Dumont, USA
11:9 General Isaac Duval, USA
11:10 General Birkett Davenport Fry, CSA
11:11 Captain William G. Fuller, USA
11:12 General Benjamin F. Kelley, USA
11:13 General Frederick L. Lander, USA
11:14 Pryce Lewis, USA spy
11:15 General Joseph Andrew Jackson Lightburn, USA
11:16 Colonel Jonathon Lockwood, USA
11:17 Private William McKinley, Jr., USA
11:18 General Robert H. Milroy, USA
11:19 General Thomas A. Morris, USA
11:20 Colonel John H. Oley, USA
11:21 Colonel John C. Paxton, USA
11:22 General William H. Powell, USA
11:23 General Jesse L. Reno, USA
11:24 General Joseph J. Reynolds, USA
11:25 Archibald H. Rowand, USA
11:26 Colonel Edward Siber, USA
11:27 General Franz Sigel, USA
11:28 General Anson Stager, USA
11:29 General James B. Steedman, USA
11:30 General David Hunter Strother, USA
11:31 Colonel Joseph H. Thoburn, USA
11:32 Major Kellian V. Whaley, USA
11:33 Major Henry H. Withers, USA
11:34 Scene of Battle of Dry Creek
11:35 West Virginia Civil War maps
11:36 Skirmish at Middle Fork Bridge
11:37 Romney in Civil War
11:38 Averell's Raid on Salem, Virginia
11:39 West Virginia Civil War Service Medals
11:40 National Military Cemetery at Grafton
11:41 Greenland Gap
11:42 "General Muster of Militia" by Joseph H. Diss Debar
11:43 Civil War currency, County and town issue
11:44 Vicksburg monument to 4th West Virginia Infantry
11:45 Gettysburg monument to 7th West Virginia Infantry
11:46 Civil War envelopes (West Virginia)
11:47 Civil War Medal of Honor
11:48 "Lewisburg Gun"
11:49 "Uncertain News from the Seat of War"
11:50 West Virginia Civil War soldier newspapers, 7th Ohio
11:51 Sketch of West Virginia soldier by Joseph H. Diss Debar
11:52 Camp and fortifications on Cheat Mountain Summit
11:53 Rich Mountain Battlefield, the Hart home
11:54 Battle of Rich Mountain
11:55 Battle of Philippi
11:56 7th West Virginia Cavalry, Company "G"
11:57 7th West Virginia Cavalry officers
11:58 13th West Virginia Infantry flag

Box 12: West Virginia History

12:1 Ephraim Bee making speech against Wise invasion, 1863, Sketch by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:2 Jacob Beeson Blair, Restored Government and Virginia/West Virginia Congressman
12:3 Daniel Boone
12:4 Arthur I. Boreman, First governor of West Virginia
12:5 Alexander Campbell, Disciples of Christ, Bethany College
12:6 Archibald Campbell, editor of Wheeling Intelligencer, leader in statehood movement
12:7 John C. Campbell, President of Northwestern Bank, Wheeling
12:8 John S. Carlile, U. S. Senator
12:9 Mrs. Lewis Cass (by David H. Strother)
12:10 Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, early French explorer
12:11 Governor John J. Cornwell
12:12 Colonel William Crawford, led 1782 expedition against Wyandot Indians, captured and burned at stake at Sandusky, Ohio
12:13 Dan Duskey, Calhoun County guerrilla, in the Wheeling Jail, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:14 Joseph Eisele or John Schaerfer, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:15 Colonel John Evans home near Morgantown, land commissioners met here to pass upon settlers' claims
12:16 Governor Daniel D. T. Farnsworth
12:17 James H. Ferguson, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:18 Josiah Fox, designer of early naval ships
12:19 General Horatio Gates
12:20 Colonel John F. Hamtramck, Mexican War commander of Virginia Regiment
12:21 William A. Harrison, West Virginia Supreme Court Justice
12:22 Peregrine Hays, early West Virginia legislator
12:23 Thomas Hughes, pioneer killed by Indians in 1777, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:24 Governor Jacob Beeson Jackson
12:25 Federal Judge John J. Jackson, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:26 Governor John Jeremiah Jacob
12:27 Colonel Kincheloe with Charles S. Lewis (left sketch); Major Minter Bailey with Colonel John G. Stringer (right sketch), by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:28 Simon Kenter, early settler
12:29 Chief Logan, Mingo Indians
12:30 Governor Henry Mason Mathews
12:31 Lewis Maxwell and James M. Stephenson, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:32 Daniel Morgan, Revolutionary War general
12:33 Colonel Morgan Morgan home near Bunker Hill, Berkeley County
12:34 Mrs. John Neal, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:35 Francis Pierpont, Governor of the Restored Government of Virginia
12:36 Portrait and monument, James Rumsey, inventor of the steamboat
12:37 George W. Silcott, Gilmer and Calhoun County leader
12:38 Alexander Spotswood, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
12:39 Governor William Erskine Stevenson
12:40 George W. Summers, Congressman and Kanawha County judge
12:41 Eli Tucker and William F. Davis, Country squires, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:42 U.S. Senator Peter G. Van Winkle, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:43 Honorable Evermont Ward, attorney and member of the Virginia Assembly, by Joseph H. Diss Debar
12:44 Booker T. Washington Home in Malden
12:45 Booker T. Washington monument
12:46 U.S. Senator Waitman T. Willey
12:47 Governor Emanuel Willis Wilson
12:48 Assault on Fort Henry, Wheeling, 1782
12:49 Ashby's Fort, Mineral County
12:50 Blockhouse, pioneer fort
12:51 Stockade fort
12:52 Westfall's Fort, near Beverly
12:53 Plate buried by French explorers to claim Ohio Valley
12:54 Stone pipe of mound builder
12:55 Early pottery from Morgantown
12:56 West Virginia scenes before statehood
12:57 Steamboat G. Washington
12:58 Pioneer flatboat
12:59 First steamboat, New Orleans, built on western waters
12:60 Audra Covered Bridge, 1909
12:61 Philippi Covered Bridge
12:62 Cheat Covered Bridge
12:63 Laying cornerstone for Kanawha County Courthouse, 1892
12:64 Kanawha County Courthouse
12:65 Mingo County Courthouse
12:66 First Wood County Courthouse
12:67 Grantsville after fire
12:68 Bridge at Grantsville, washed out during flood
12:69 Nurses home, state tuberculosis sanitarium, Preston County?
12:70 Jackson's Mill
12:71 Spruce Knob
12:72 Grafton National Cemetery

Box 13: West Virginia History

13:1 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, West Virginia State Seal
13:2 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, "Early Roads in West Virginia"
13:3 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, "The First Oil Excitement at Burning Springs"
13:4 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, First stagecoach to Cross West Virginia
13:5 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, A West Virginia jury
13:6 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, Pioneer woman of West Virginia
13:7 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, West Virginia pioneers
13:8 Joseph H. Diss Debar farm
13:9 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, Transporting mail
13:10 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, Deer head drawing from Blennerhassett Mansion
13:11 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, "The Pioneer's First Crop;" "Interior of a Pioneer Home"
13:12 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, Clearing the forest and building a log house
13:13 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, Deer hunting
13:14 Joseph H. Diss Debar sketch, Bear trap
13:15 Map of Charleston West End extension by John Brisbane Walker, 1871
13:16 Aerial of Charleston's West Side
13:17 Morgantown Muzzle Loaders Association, Bob Goodwin and Ed Gaskins
13:18 Malden Kanawha Salines sketch, 1843
13:19 Hand loom of the pioneer period
13:20 Monument to Andrew Price near Marlinton
13:21 Wheeling Custom House exterior
13:22 Parkersburg in 1859, from painting by Latrobe
13:23 Civil War Centennial Commission group picture, seated: George N. Cobbs, Major T. T. Perry, Jr., Colonel J. W. Benjamin, Delf Norona; Standing: Boyd B. Stutler, Judge Charles W. Ferguson, Dr. E. E. Myers
13:24 West Virginia Capitol
13:25 West Virginia in art glass, John Brown in Steuben glass
13:26 Carnegie Library, Huntington
13:27 Greenland Gap, Grant County
13:28 Slides of cancelled letters
13:29 Glassplate and contact print of page 101 of John Brown manuscript
13:30 Glassplate and contact print of John Brown birthplace commemorative envelope
13:31 Glassplate and contact print of Archibald McClean's appointment as postmaster of Grave Creek, Ohio County, 1818

Box 14: State Officials

14:1 Governor Howard Mason Gore
14:2 John C. Bond, State Auditor, 1925
14:3 Charles G. Coffman, President of the Senate, 1925
14:4 C. P. Fortney, Chairman of the State Road Commission, 1925
14:5 Grant P. Hall, State Tax Commissioner
14:6 Charles E. Hiner (R), Member of State Road Commission
14:7 Lee Ott, Workman's Compensation Chairman, 1925
14:8 E. P. Anderson, Senate (Democrat), Summersville
14:9 Ben H. Answorth, Senate (Democrat), Beckley
14:10 W. W. Cannon, Senate (Democrat), Hurricane
14:11 J. M. Devore, Senate (Republican), Creston
14:12 T. E. Hardman, Senate (Republican), Elkins
14:13 H. P. Hensahw, Senate (Democrat), Bunker Hill
14:14 Cecil B. Highland, Senate (Republican), New Martinsville
14:15 R. L. Hogg, Senate (Republican), Point Pleasant
14:16 Naaman Jackson, Senate (Republican), Logan
14:17 R. F. Kidd, Senate (Democrat), Glenville
14:18 W. R. Meservice, Doorkeeper of the Senate (Republican), Cairo
14:19 Herbert Skeen, Sergeant-of-Arms, Senate (Republican), Jackson County
14:20 William S. Wilkin, Senate (Republican), Wellsburg
14:21 L. E. Woods, Senate (Republican), Welch
14:22 H. H. Andrews, House of Representatives, (Republican), Whitesville
14:23 E. H. Arnold, House of Representatives (Democrat), Elkins
14:24 J. M. Austin, House of Representatives (Republican), Morgantown
14:25 E. D. Ball, House of Representatives (Republican), Elizabeth
14:26 H. A. Bartlett, House of Representatives (Republican), Fairmont
14:27 Harry N. Bayer, House of Representatives (Republican), Berkeley Springs
14:28 Reverend C. R. Beard, House of Representatives (Republican), Martinsburg
14:29 B. F. Beaver, House of Representatives (Republican), English
14:30 Grover C. Belcamp, House of Representatives (Democrat), Gassoway
14:31 S. T. Bird, (Democrat), Bluefield
14:32 J. H. Brewster, House of Representatives (Republican), Weston
14:33 Ben B. Brown, House of Representatives (Democrat), Charleston
14:34 Fred R. Brumage, House of Representatives (Democrat), Fairmont
14:35 H. W. Campbell, House of Representatives (Democrat), Three Churches
14:36 Okey M. Cogar, House of Representatives (Republican), Webster Springs
14:37 E. E. Cooke, House of Representatives (Democrat), Charles Town
14:38 W. J. Cotton, House of Representatives (Republican), Wheeling
14:39 S. S. Cox, House of Representatives (Republican), West Union
14:40 C. P. Crawford, House of Representatives (Democrat), Elkins
14:41 W. H. C. Curtis, Sergeant-of-Arms, House of Representatives (Republican), 1926
14:42 G. A. Davis, House of Representatives (Democrat), Huntington
14:43 Mrs. Thomas J. Davis, House of Representatives (Republican), Montgomery
14:44 R. Marsh Dean, House of Representatives (Republican), Elk Garden
14:45 A. A. Dorsey, House of Representatives (Republican), Parsons
14:46 L. A. Edwards, House of Representatives (Republican), St. Albans
14:47 P.T. Embleton, House of Representatives (Republican), Hartford
14:48 B. Engle, House of Representatives (Republican), Clarksburg
14:49 G. T. Federer, House of Representatives (Republican), Morgantown
14:50 G. W. Fox, House of Representatives (Republican), Anstead
14:51 F. H. Fry, House of Representatives (Democrat), Stiltner
14:52 J. D. Furbee, House of Representatives (Democrat), Glovergap
14:53 T. J. Grove, House of Representatives (Democrat), Petersburg
14:54 E. Howard Harper, House of Representatives (Republican), Keystone
14:55 W. B. Hawkins, House of Representatives (Democrat), Huntington
14:56 J. M. Hayes, House of Representatives (Democrat), Glenville
14:57 C. L. Heaberlin, House of Representatives (Republican), Beckley
14:58 Frank Hill, House of Representatives (Democrat), Marlinton
14:59 M. S. Hodges, Clerk, House of Representatives (Republican), Franklin
14:60 J. Howard Hundley, House of Representatives (Republican), Charleston
14:61 W. H. Hutchinson, Door Keeper, House of Representatives (Republican), Spencer
14:62 I. L. Jackson, House of Representatives (Republican), Flemington
14:63 J. J. Johnson, Sergeant-of-Arms, House of Representatives (Republican), Keyser, 1925
14:64 Dr. Harriett B. Jones, House of Representatives (Republican), Glen Dale
14:65 James O. Marcum, House of Representatives (Democrat), Ceredo
14:66 C. T. McClough, House of Representatives (Democrat), St. Marys
14:67 Harold B. McCrum, House of Representatives (Republican), Aurora
14:68 Milton McCulloch, House of Representatives (Republican), Wheeling
14:69 N. L. McPherson, House of Representatives (Republican), Parkersburg
14:70 John F. Meadows, House of Representatives (Republican), Charleston
14:71 Wallace C. Morgan, House of Representatives (Republican), Hanover
14:72 F. A. Morrison, House of Representatives (Republican), Point Pleasant
14:73 W. J. Moulds, House of Representatives (Republican), Holliday's Cove
14:74 B. F. Pettry, House of Representatives (Republican), Dry Creek
14:75 B. C. Radabaugh, House of Representatives (Republican), Hall
14:76 Foster Rine, House of Representatives (Republican), Moundsville
14:77 E. F. Roberts, House of Representatives (Democrat), Hur
14:78 Edmund Sehon, House of Representatives (Democrat), Cabell County
14:79 I. N. Smith, House of Representatives (Republican), Sherman
14:79A I. L. Jackson (?), appears to be very similar to I. N. Smith photo
14:80 Isaiah Smith, House of Representatives (Democrat), Scott Depot
14:81 Simon Soleris, House of Representatives (Republican), Welch
14:82 J. L. Spradling, House of Representatives (Republican), Sun
14:83 Homer Stiles, House of Representatives (Democrat), Hamlin
14:84 W. A. Street, House of Representatives (Republican) Belington
14:85 Arthur J. Thompson, House of Representatives (Republican), Clarksburg
14:86 G. H. Trainer, House of Representatives (Republican), Salem
14:87 W. C. Turley, House of Representatives (Democrat), Logan
14:88 E. M. Tutwiller, House of Representatives (Republican), Mt. Hope
14:89 David Vansickle, House of Representatives (Republican), Hazelton

Box 15: Miscellaneous Individuals/Etc.

15:1 Henry Adams
15:2 John Quincy Adams
15:3 Earl of Albemarle
15:4 Louisa May Alcott
15:5 Alexander II
15:6 George Bancroft
15:7 Clara Barton
15:8 Daniel Boone
15:9 Nelson Bronte
15:10 Helen Tanner Brodt, 1864
15:11 Byron
15:12 Calvin
15:13 King Charles II
15:14 Chateaubriand
15:15 Oliver Cromwell
15:16 Charles Darwin
15:17 David (Biblical)
15:18 Charles Dickens
15:19 Emily Dickinson
15:20 Ralph Waldo Emerson
15:21 Benjamin Franklin
15:22 Frederick the Great
15:23 Garibaldi
15:24 Gladstone
15:25 John Gray, one of the last surviving Revolutionary War soldiers
15:26 Alexander Hamilton
15:27 Victor Hugo
15:28 Andrew Jackson
15:29 Julia Jackson
15:30 Frank and Jesse James
15:31 Thomas Jefferson
15:32 John Keats
15:33 Charles Lee
15:34 Lighthorse Harry Lee
15:35 Toussaint L'Ouverture
15:36 Martin Luther
15:37 General Douglas McArthur
15:38 Mina
15:39 Duke of Monmouth
15:40 Moses
15:41 Murat
15:42 Napoleon
15:43 Viscount Palmerston, K. CB
15:44 William Penn
15:45 Edgar Allen Poe
15:46 Paul Revere
15:47 John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
15:48 Carl Sandburg
15:49 Shakespeare
15:50 Hannah Simpson and Jesse Root Grant
15:51 Henry David Thoreau
15:52 Anthony Trollope
15:53 Artemus Ward
15:54 Booker T. Washington's wife (Olivia Davidson?)
15:55 Walt Whitman
15:56 George Washington
15:57 Woodrow Wilson
15:58 "Straggler" World War II soldier
15:59 Mount Rushmore, Mt. Vernon, the White House, etc.
15:60 Boston Tea Party
15:61 Plymouth Rock
15:62 Summer White House
15:63 Richard Baxter
15:64 George W. Bethum
15:65 General Lucius Verus Bierce
15:66 Edward Brackett
15:67 William B. Bradbury
15:68 John L. Burns
15:69 Mrs. Byckerdyke
15:70 Chushing
15:71 John Cornell
15:72 Samuel Cox
15:73 W. S. Davis
15:74 Sketch, "Decatur's Conflict with the Algerine at Tripoli"
15:75 Charles Ellis, Jr.
15:76 W. P. Fessenden
15:77 David Dudley Field
15:78 O. B. Frothingham
15:79 Menton Graham
15:80 E. R. Hoar
15:81 P. T. Jackson
15:82 Gaius Jenkins
15:83 Maggie Keevan
15:84 Kossuth
15:85 J. H. Lamb
15:86 The Leary Sisters
15:87 Levi Lincoln
15:88 McChesney Brothers
15:89 John Bach McMaster
15:90 O. M. Mitchell
15:91 William Morgan
15:92 Marshall Ney
15:93 William Packer
15:94 Pennington
15:95 Bishop Potter
15:96 George W. Randolph
15:97 Ignaz Phillipp Semmelweis
15:98 Madame de Stail
15:99 David N. Utter
15:100 Elizabeth Van Lew
15:101 W. I. Wath
15:102 Wilkes
15:103 Unidentified man
15:104 Tintype of unidentified man
15:105 "Lycuter (?) Hospital," Wanreck
15:106 "The Square," Winchester

Box 16: Personal/Miscellaneous

16:1 Home at 517 Main St., Charleston West Virginia
16:2 Elizabeth Jane (Bise) Stutler, Grandmother of Boyd B. Stutler
16:3 Grave of Joseph N. Stutler, Private from Co. B, WV 6th Cav.
16:4 Soldieres, Camp Lee, VA
16:5 Nurses quarters, Camp Lee, VA, 1918
16:6 Corporal Edward J. Davis, Battery E 314. Ga. (?)
16:7 Histers (sp?) House, Camp Lee, Va 1918
16:8 Heating & Power Plant, Base Hospital, Camp Lee, VA, 1918
16:9 Cooks & K.P. Nurses Kitchen, Base Hosp., Camp Lee, VA, 1918
16:10 Men doing wash, Camp Lee, VA 1918
16:11 Nurses & Attendants, Camp Lee, 1918
16:12 Free Library, Camp Lee, VA
16:13 Nurse's Red Cross Building, Camp Lee, VA, 1918
16:14 Inspector General Goodwin
16:15 Col. Joseph M. Love
16:16 Major Gray
16:17 Crowd in front of Reviewing Stand
16:18 U.S. Naval Band
16:19 Conn. Red Cross Nurses
16:20 Atlantic City & Pittsburgh Drum & Bugle Corps.
16:21 Pittsburgh & Scranton Bands
16:22 Sailors Passing Ceremony Stand
16:23 Boy Scout Statue, Tacloban, Leyte, Philippine Islands
16:24 First day landing, Labuan Island, near Victoria, June 10, 1945
16:25 War Correspondents Monument, Gapland, MD
16:26 George Alfred Townsend, Ruins & Tomb at Gapland, MD
16:27 Transportation in the Philippines
16:28 American Legion trip back to France
16:29 Boyd B. Stutler presenting state flag to Gen. Ewart G. plante to be used upon return of dead WWII soldiers, October 8, 1947
16:30 Dr. E.E. Myers, Philippi (Chairman, West Virginia Civil War Centennial Committee, Past President of West Virginia Historical Society)
16:31 Karl S. Betts, Washington D.C. (Executive Director of Civil War Centennial Committee)
16:32 James Y. Waite
16:33 Microfilm of Newspaper Clipping
16:34 Two unidentified groups of children (Likely school groups)
16:35 Unidentified group in costumes
16:36 Unidentified photos (stutter Family?)
16:37 Rudolph Clements Lynching*

Box 17: Personal/Miscellaneous

17:1 Henry Heckert & Mary Money Penny
17:2 Daniel Elias Stutler & Emily Bird Heckert
17:3 David Heckert & Sarah Ann Keister
17:4 Boyd Stutler with H.E. Newman, National Commander, 80th Division, & unidentified man
17:5 Postcard, Co. "E" Sec. Reg., Camp Dawson, West Virginia 1914
17:6 Grantsville on Armistice Day, 1918
17:7 Veterans of Foreign Wars in Parade
17:8 Military Camp/Volcano at Kilauea, Hawaii
17:9 Military sketches by B.C. Clark
17:10 Misc. military
17:11 American Legion
17:12 Boyd B. Stutler, Military
17:13 Civil War Round Table of New York, 1953-1954
17:14 Boyd B. Stutler & Newton C. Farr, Lincoln Memorial University Commencement, 1958
17:15 Boyd B. Stutler & Ruth Gordon
17:16 Boyd B. Stutler at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, October 17, 1959
17:17 Boyd B. Stutler and family
17:18 Portraits, Boyd B. Stutler
17:19 Weapons, George Washington's Revolver/Sword
17:20 Weapons, John Brown Raiders' pike and carbine rifle
17:21 Adams revolver and Maynard premium revolver made by Massachusetts Arms Company

Box 18: Personal/Miscellaneous

18:1 Boyd B. Stutler and others meeting with U. S. Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snyder
18:2 Boyd B. Stutler and others at Wawona Tree, Yosemite National Park, California
18:3 Boyd B. Stutler and others, Habana, Cuba
18:4 Boyd B. Stutler and others at Halemanman (?), Hawaii, June 19, 1936
18:5 Boyd B. Stutler and others at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
18:6 Boyd B. Stutler, Frank Belgrano, and (?) Joffe, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
18:7 Dinner in honor of Commander Frank N. Belgrano, Jonathan Club, June 11, 1935
18:8 Headstone of Colonel Warren H. Stutler, U. S. Army, World War II (1920-1967)
18:9 Members of the West Virginia Centennial Oil and Gas Committee, January 19, 1960
18:10 Camp Garnett, June 4, 1960
18:11 Old Round Hill near Blacksville, West Virginia
18:12 Jackson's Mill, West Virginia
18:13 Natural Bridge, Virginia
18:14 "Cootie," a dog adopted by the 314th Field Artillery 80th Division and mascot of the A. E. F.
18:15 Charleston, West Virginia
18:16 Booklet, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad scenery
18:17 Herman Edmund Matheny
18:18 Portrait, George W. Silcott
18:19 Portrait, W. R. Delaney
18:20 Portrait, F. E. LeRome
18:21 Portrait, R. J. Hinton
18:22 Cannon captured at the Battle of Lewisburg by 44th Ohio
18:23 Trenches and gun emplacement, Allegheny Summit, June 19, 1960
18:24 "Bringing in the Christmas Tree," Painting by Reg Massie (Negative)
18:25 Herman Leonard, Gun collector
18:26 William Gottschalk in front of Western and Atlantic Railroad #3 General
18:27 Dr. Walker DuBois speaking at the Congress of Partisans of Peace at the Salle Pleyel in Paris, France, April 22, 1949
18:28 Honorable John J. Davis, Clarksburg, West Virginia (from photo taken late in life)
18:29 Ira Rogers, West Virginia University head football coach
18:30 Sketch, Horace Greeley at Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1869
18:31 Portrait, Maude Hicks and Vergie White
18:32 Colorized tintype of unidentified woman
18:33 Framed portrait of unidentified man
18:34 Miscellaneous, Groups and gatherings
18:35 Miscellaneous, Identified people
18:36 Miscellaneous, Unidentified portraits/people
18:37 Miscellaneous, Unidentified locations
18:38 Miscellaneous, John Brown related
18:39 Miscellaneous, Civil War related
18:40 Miscellaneous, Personal
18:41 Miscellaneous, Postcards
18:42 Abraham Lincoln (from the Lincoln Memorial University Collection)
18:43 Group of portraits (most identified), American Legion related, 1931-1932

Box 19: Oversized Materials

19:1 Group of portraits (most identified), American Legion related, 1930s
19:2 Sketch of wintery river scene by William MacLean (?)
19:3 Engraving of Joana Baillie (1762-1851) by John Sartain
19:4 Sketch, "John Wilkes Booth standing guard duty at the John Brown Hanging" by Shanks
19:5 Photograph of horse's silhouette, 1924
19:6 Painting of Notre Dame Cathedral by Mars
19:7 Sketch, "The city of Lecompton, Territorial capital of Kansas"
19:8 Sketches, "Mrs. Brown escorted from Harpers Ferry to the jail in Charles Town to have an interview with her husband the day before he was hanged"/ "The procession to the scaffold"
19:9 Drawing, World War I soldiers singing "All We Do is Sign the Payroll" to the tune of "John Brown's Body" by George Shanks
19:10 "Beachead" by Ed Garbowsky, 1949
19:11 Painting of a cabin, signed "AJC"
19:12 Painting of a mountain and trees by waterside, signed "AJC"
19:13 Unidentified engravings
19:14 Engraved vignettes
19:15 Engraving, Franklin Pierce
19:16 Sketch of General MacArthur by Carl Bohnen, 1942
19:17 Photographs of monuments to West Virginia soldiers
19:18 "Bucky" O'Neill monument
19:19 Henry A. Wise
19:20 "View of the city of Cartagena in America, taken by the French in 1667" by Mondhare
19:21 Sketch of the United States Capitol
19:22 "The Gleaners" by Jean Francois Millet
19:23 Harpers Ferry, (West) Virginia
19:24 "Putnam Leaving the Plough at Call to Arms in 1775"
19:25 Portrait, Charles Lee
19:26 Portrait, Horatio Gates
19:27 Civil War sketches
    a.  "Capture of the Great Rebel, Jeff. Davis, in his Wife's Petticoats"
    b.  "Burning of the United States Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, April 18th, 1861"
19:28 John Brown portraits and sketches
    a.  Magazine page featuring painting of John Brown by John Steuart Curry
    b.  Sketch of John Brown, United States Capitol, and soldiers by James Daughtery (2 copies)
    c.  John Brown - the Martyr, published by Curriere and Ives (3 copies)
    d.  Portrait, John Brown
    e.  John Brown's birthplace, Torrington, Connecticut
    f.  Portrait of John Brown by Black and Batchelder, 1858
    g.  Original sketch, "John Brown's Body" by James Daughtery
    h.  Color portrait, John Brown, Leader of the Harpers Ferry Insurrection
   i.  John Brown of Osawatomie, Engraved by Electro Light Eng. Co., New York
    j.  "John Brown Exhibiting his Hangman," George Querner, 1865
    k.  Engraving of John Brown by William Sartain
    l.  Sketch by Edward Stevenson of an African American man at John Brown's grave with Brown's spirit floating above
    m.  Sketch of John Brown by William Morris Stutler, 1938
    n.  Sketch of John Brown's grave by Eleanor Matlack
    o.  Portrait of John Brown engraved by J. C. Buttre, New York
    p.  "John Brown," signed original lithograph by John Steuart Curry
19:29 American Legion
19:30 Portraits of Boyd B. Stutler
19:31 Military portraits/cartoons
19:32 Sketches by William Morris Stutler, 1939
19:33 Sketches by William R. Nevinger Dearborn (?), 1932
    a.  Clinton Inn
    b.  Martha and Mary Chapel
    c.  Country Store
    d.  School House
    e.  Lincoln Court (?) House
    f.  Whitter Toll Gate
    g.  Country Store and Clinton Inn
    h.  Edison's Library and Office and Lab. In Background
    i.  Jordan Boarding House

Panoramic Photographs

7th Annual Reunion of 80th Division, A. E. F. at Petersburg, Virginia, August 27, 1926
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, taken by West Virginia Photo Company, 1932
Headquarters, 314 F. A. No., 1156 Ewing Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana
American Legion Convention, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio, 1936

* Items may contain sensative and/or graphic materials.

Photograph Collections

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