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Robert E. Martens Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Robert E. Martens Collection
Span Dates: 1940-1975
Bulk Dates: 1940s-1950s
ID No: Ph78-015
Creator: Robert E. Martens
Extent: 7 boxes
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: This collection contains photographs related to the Martens family, including family photographs, photographs taken during the military career of Robert E. Martens, and photographs of furnishings and buildings designed by Martens and Son, a prominent West Virginia architectural firm operated by Walter F. Martens and Robert E. Martens.

Administrative Information

Provenance: Robert E. Martens
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Robert E. Martens Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.

Box 1

1:1 A-B Library Negatives, First Set (6 Negatives [8x10] and 4 prints)
1:2 Montgomery Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, West Virginia (1 print)
1:3 Monterville School, Three Room school in Monterville, West Virginia (1 print)
1:4 Morlunda Farm, Lewisburg, West Virginia (26 prints)
1:5 National Bank of Commerce garage building and parking lot, Lee Street, Charleston, West Virginia (5 prints)
1:6 Newburg gymnasium, Preston County Board of Education (1 print)
1:7 Nitro Baptist Church, Nitro, West Virginia (7 prints)
1:8 Nitro High School and Nitro Elementary School models and sketches, Nitro, West Virginia (19 prints)
1:9 Office, Staff, and Principal (Walter E. Martens and Robert E. Martens) (18 prints and 4 negatives)
1:10 Old Field School, Moorefield, West Virginia (1 print)
1:11 Orchard Manor, Associated Housing Arch., Charleston, West Virginia (4 prints)
1:12 Panther Elementary School, Panther, West Virginia, January 1957 (19 polaroid prints)
1:13 Pettus Grade School (1 small print)
1:14 Addition to Poca Methodist Church, Poca, West Virginia (3 prints)
1:15 Rahall Motors Inc., Charleston, West Virginia (9 prints)
1:16 Rainelle High School, Rainelle, West Virginia (4 prints)
1:17 Ravenswood gym (2 prints)
1:18 Residential: Design and Reference (17 prints)
1:19 Richwood Baptist Church, Richwood, West Virginia (5 prints)
1:20 Richwood High School shop addition, Richwood, West Virginia (11 prints)
1:21 Ripley High School, Ripley, West Virginia (13 prints and 1 photocopy)
1:22 Riverview Terrace Apartments, Kanawha Boulevard, Charleston, West Virginia (11 prints)
1:23 Rupert High School building, Rupert, West Virginia - Greenbrier County Board of Education, 1942 (21 prints)
1:24 First Baptist Church, Saint Albans, West Virginia, Ron Taylor photographer (8 proofs and 6 prints of sketches)
1:25 Saint Brendan's Catholic Church, Elkins, West Virginia (3 prints)
1:26 Saint Timothy Lutheran Church, Spring Hill, West Virginia (2 prints)
1:27 F. L. Sattes Residence, South Ruffner, Charleston, West Virginia (2 prints)
1:28 Alex F. Sayer Residence (1 print)
1:29 Showalter (C. W.) Residence, 4008 Kanawha Avenue, Kanawha City, West Virginia (4 prints)
1:30 H. M. Sloman Residence, Fort Hill Drive, Charleston, West Virginia (68 prints)
1:31 Smithers Fire Station (old), Study photo - Drug store project (4 prints)
1:32 Spencer High School, Spencer, West Virginia (2 prints)
1:33 State Camp and Conference Center, Future Farmers of America (FFA) and Future Homemakers of America (FHA), Ripley, West Virginia (30 prints)
1:34 Stonecrest Studio symbol (7 prints)
1:35 Stratton High School, Beckley, West Virginia (1 print)
1:36 Summersville High School vocational building, Summersville, West Virginia (7 prints)

Box 2

2:1 J. R. Teague Residence, Weberwood Section, Charleston, West Virginia (6 prints)
2:2 Tidewater Colored Grade School, Kimball, West Virginia (1 print)
2:3 Tincher Laboratory Site (4 prints)
2:4 Tygart Valley High School, Mill Creek, West Virginia (13 prints and 2 photocopies)
2:5 United Carbon building, Charleston, West Virginia (40 prints)
2:6 Valley Head School, Randolph County, West Virginia (1 print)
2:7 A Living War Memorial model (2 small prints)
2:8 Weberwood Swimming Pool cabanas, Weberwood Section, Charleston, West Virginia (1 print)
2:9 Welch-Dunbar Jr. High School gymnasium, Welch, West Virginia (2 prints)
2:10 Webster Springs High School model, Webster Springs, West Virginia (11 prints)
2:11 Wesley Methodist Church, Morgantown, West Virginia (24 prints and 4 photocopies)
2:12 Westminster Presbyterian Church, Kanawha City, West Virginia (12 prints)
2:13 West Virginia Solar House model (15 prints)
2:14 West Virginia State Magazine covers (4 prints)
2:15 West Virginia Institute of Technology, Dormitory building, Montgomery, West Virginia (26 prints of rendering)
2:16 West Virginia Institute of Technology, Science Hall, Montgomery, West Virginia (9 prints and 7 blueprint copies)
2:17 West Virginia Training School, St. Marys, West Virginia (39 prints and 1 panoramic composite site photo)
2:18 Wheeling Baptist Church site (16 prints)
2:19 Williamson National Guard Armory (2 prints)
2:20 Winfield High School, Putnam County Board of Education, Winfield, West Virginia (1 print)
2:21 East Side Women's Club, Virginia Street, Charleston, West Virginia (11 prints and 11 blueprint copies)
2:22 Wood Residence, Elkins, West Virginia (3 prints)
2:23 George Woods Residence, Charleston, West Virginia (5 prints)

Box 3

3:1 Algeria (46 prints)
3:2 Bullfight (14 prints)
3:3 Damaged airfield (8 prints)
3:4 Destroyed and abandoned vehicles and bunkers (13 prints)
3:5 France (17 prints)
3:6 Germany (74 prints)
3:7 Homecoming (14 prints)
3:8 Inside of a house (in Italy?) (6 prints)
3:9 Military Camp (12 prints)
3:10 Mittelwerk (25 prints)
3:11 Oriental display (?) (8 prints)
3:12 Showing off captured materials (9 prints)
3:13 Unidentified (1 of 2) (81 prints)
3:14 Unidentified (2 of 2) (66 prints)
3:15 Urban devastation (29 prints)

Box 4

4:1 Bank of Danville and Lincoln National Bank (15 prints)
4:2 Pearl S. Buck Birthplace (10 prints)
4:3 Building Program, 1953 (13 prints)
4:4 Capital Woodwind Quintet concert, January 30, 1967 (6 prints)
4:5 Charleston YMCA Expansion, Robert E. Agsten, Robert W. Schmidt, Robert R. Cooper, A. Garnett Thompson, and Robert E. Martens with first shovelful of dirt, 1964 (1 print with clipping)
4:6 Civil Air Patrol, Cadet site, Coonskin Park, Charleston, West Virginia (8 negatives - all damaged)
4:7 Columbia, Georgia, August 1966 (23 prints)
4:8 Elkhorn Elementary School site (11 prints)
4:9 Farmers and Merchants Bank, Keyser, West Virginia, 1961 (15 prints)
4:10 First Baptist Church, Spencer, West Virginia, circa 1961-1962 (16 prints and 8 negatives)
4:11 Federal Building, Charleston, West Virginia, circa 1958 (2 prints)
4:12 Group of four unidentified men (1 print)
4:13 Jackson County Courthouse prior to 1961 renovations, Ripley, West Virginia
4:14 Kanawha Terrace Motel, Saint Albans, West Virginia (2 prints)
4:15 City views of Keyser, West Virginia, circa 1961 (17 prints)
4:16 Lincoln National Bank, 1960-1961 (41 prints)
4:17 Robert E. Martens (10 prints)
4:18 Walter F. Martens (19 prints and 3 negative film strips)
4:19 North Parkersburg Baptist Church, circa 1965 (14 prints)
4:20 Racine Baptist Church, circa 1960 (11 prints and 10 negatives)
4:21 Ruffner Hotel, circa 1962-1963 (2 prints)

Box 5

5:1 Saint Albans, West Virginia, 1960 (2 prints)
5:2 Schoolhouse in Holden, West Virginia, circa 1930 (1 small print)
5:3 Sculptures related to Robert E. Martens (129 prints)
5:4 Two unidentified men (one is possibly Walter F. Martens) (1 print)
5:5 Two unidentified men and one unidentified woman (1 print)
5:6 Union Trust and Deposit, Parkersburg, West Virginia, circa 1962 (12 prints and 10 small prints)
5:7 United Fuel Gas progress pictures, 1954-1956 (1 of 2) (35 prints)
5:8 United Fuel Gas progress pictures, 1954-1956 (2 of 2) (57 prints)
5:9 Wilcoe School (8 prints and 1 panoramic composite site photo)
5:10 Miscellaneous (3 prints - all damaged)
5:11 Unidentified site (1 panoramic composite site photo)

Box 6

Statue of Major General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, LaFayette Park, Washington, D.C.
Operation Breakthru, 24 story building for Downtown Charleston
United Carbon building, Kanawha Boulevard, Charleston, West Virginia
United Caron building, Director's table located in President's private office
United Carbon building, desk area
United Carbon building, desk area
United Carbon building, office
United Carbon building, table
United Carbon building, table
United Carbon building, coat hanger
United Carbon building, elevators
United Carbon building, cart on wheels
United Carbon building, cart on wheels
United Carbon building, piece of furniture
United Carbon building, piece of furniture
U.S. Forces in the South Pacific, Silhouette of soldier with boat in background
Tunisian Victory, Gun flashes of the preliminary night barrage directed against the Mareth Line
Bad weather on the Italian front hampered military operations - A bogged down Sherman tank was brought back to dry land
U.S. Soldiers advance in New Guinea
Second Lieutenant Ernest Childers, Tulsa, Oklahoma, receiving Medal of Honor from Lieutenant General Jacob L. Devers, Italy, April 12, 1944
Tunisian Victory, Sherman tanks make tracks for Tripoli
Canadian tanks pursuing Nazis at full speed on the road to Poiano, July 4, 1944
U.S. Marines on New Britain
Attack on the German battleship Tirpitz, April 20
The American troops advance in the zone of fortifications surrounding Cherbourg the ground is littered with corpses and debris of all kinds
Triumph in France, Picture from Life Magazine
Allied advance on Cherbourg, American artillerymen advance to put guns in position
Pvt. Steve Barney driving a German tracker abandoned by the Germans
American troops in gunnery positions
U.S. Planes use captured Burma Airport at Myiteyina
Nazis captured by Allied forces, July 3
German ammunition train destroyed in Italy
The 12th American Air Force bombard the Italian station of Viterbo
Japanese corpses found in the Green Islands after the disembarkation of a group of New Zealand tanks
The German bazooka - The Germans have abandoned an anti-tank rifle reminiscent of the famous American bazooka
On the Italian front, a British soldier examines wooden mines which have been removed from a recently occupied airfield on the Adriatic coast, July 1, 1944

Box 7

Mounted photograph, Road
Mounted photograph, Water towers
Mounted photograph, Power station
Mounted photograph, Unidentified
Mounted photograph, Small waterfall
Mounted photograph, Lightening
Mounted photograph, Cloudy sky
Mounted photograph, Woman on steps
Mounted photograph, Bird
Mounted photograph, Church ruins
Mounted photograph, Candid shot of woman
Mounted photograph, Unidentified building
Mounted photograph, Cloudy sky
Mounted photograph, "Infinity"
Mounted photograph, Woman dancing
Mounted photograph, Power lines
Mounted photograph, Snowy tree
Mounted photograph, Unidentified building
Mounted photograph, "Texture"
Mounted photograph, Snowy tree
Mounted photograph, Steps descending
Mounted photograph, Unidentified building
Mounted photograph, Cactus
Mounted photograph, Unidentified woman
Mounted photograph, Birds flying
Mounted photograph, Oxen pulling cart
Mounted photograph, "Shutter-Bug"
Mounted photograph, Barley (?)
Mounted photograph, "Shadows," Trees in snow
Mounted photograph, Brick wall
Mounted photograph, "Scat," Group of 6 kittens
Mounted photograph, Unidentified baby
Mounted photograph, Silhouette of Sculpture
Mounted photograph, Cloudy sky
Mounted photograph, Lighthouse tower

Items Transferred to Map Collections

Map, Germany and its Approaches, National Geographic Magazine, Washington, D.C., July 1944 (2 copies)
Map, The World, Mercator's Projection, 1944
Map, Germany, Sheet V-4, Ellwangen, First Edition, 1943
Map, Germany, Sheet V-5, Nordlingen, First Edition, 1943
Map, Germany, Sheet W-5, Augsburg, First Edition, 1943
Map, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, National Geographic Magazine, Washington, D.C., December 1944
Map, Lyon-Milano, Published by War Office, 1942
Map, Bruxelles-Frankfurt, Published by War Office, 1942

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