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John Edward Kenna Glassplate Negative Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: John Edward Kenna Glassplate Negative Collection
Span Dates: ca. 1880s - 1890s
Bulk Dates: ca. 1880s
ID No: Ph82-002
Creator: John Edward Kenna
Extent: 14 boxes
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: John Edward Kenna was born in Coalsmouth, Virginia (now St. Albans, West Virginia) and raised near Upper Falls (now Tornado, West Virginia). Kenna's father was a lockmaster and saw mill owner, and Kenna did not receive much education in his childhood. At the age of sixteen, the nation was in the midst of the Civil War, and Kenna joined Confederate General Joseph Shelby's "Iron Brigade." After the war, he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1870. He quickly became active in the rising Democratic Party of West Virginia.

Kenna served as Prosecuting Attorney of Kanawha County in 1872 and Justice Pro Tempore of the County Circuit in 1875. He was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1876, where he helped to pass legislation that aided the rising coal, salt, and timber industries in West Virginia. His accomplishments in the House of Delegates later got Kenna elected to the United States Senate in 1883, where he continued to fight for similar causes. His Senate career cut short by his sudden death on January 11, 1893. He was only 44 years old. Kenna, West Virginia, a community in Jackson county, is named in honor of Senator Kenna, and his a marble statue of him is represents West Virginia in the U.S. Capitol's Statuary Hall.

Administrative Information

Provenance: Lee Kenna/Mrs. Kenna Ivison
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], John Edward Kenna Glassplate Negative Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.

Box 1

1.  Lady with closed parasol over shoulder on mountain walking path
2.  Three gentlemen in background, two ladies and Kenna in foreground on porch
3.  Young lady in full dress with closed fan
4.  Two team of oxen with yokes in field
5.  Five head of cattle in field
6.  Bent branches to form rocking chairs, tents in background
7.  Backs of two young boys in field, split rail fence
8.  One team of oxen with young boy riding them
9.  Gathering of people (African American and white), some dressed up
10.  Four teams of oxen
11.  View from hillside - farms, railroad, and river
12.  Same as #9
13.  Gather of people with tents - most dressed up
14.  Two teams of oxen with yokes in field
15.  Cattle in field
16.  Five cattle in field
17.  Young lady seated on porch step with parasol - two chairs on porch, shaw on steps, two children in window
18.  Young lady standing on porch covered by vines, leaning on gate
19.  Lady with open parasol on mountain walking path
20.  Lady with closed parasol resting in arm on mountain walking path

Box 2

21.  Lady with closed parasol resting on ground with three couples behind her
22.  Lady with open parasol on mountain walking path
23.  Four teams of oxen chained together with young African American boy looking on
24.  Two ladies seated under a tree by stream
25.  Same as #21
26.  Same as #22
27.  Number 130 - Three story brick building with basement
28.  Men fishing - Three in one boat, two in another boat
29.  Man carrying deer on his back
30.  Man carrying deer on his back (Facing forward)
31.  Man seated, fishing from bank
32.  View of stream
33.  Harness racing - spectators, horses and carriages
34.  Man in boat - three men standing in water fishing
35.  Three boats - six men standing in water fishing
36.  Rock formation - taken from field below wooden fence
37.  Portrait, young boy seated with legs crossed
38.  Three men on hillside overlooking a town
39.  Three young men, barefoot, standing with hats and ties on
40.  Ornate church setting - flowers, candles, marble alter

Box 3

41.  Brick house with ornate iron fence, brick sidewalks
42.  Portrait, man seated in chair wearing a three-piece suit
43.  Portrait of seven ladies (three seated, four standing)
44.  Portrait, upper torso of man in three-piece suit wearing tie and stick pin
45.  Lady standing on outside steps
46.  Large frame home in background - wood foot bridges from road to house
47.  Three young men standing dressed in choir robes
48.  Portrait, man standing in three-piece suit (Kenna)
49.  Portrait, left side profile of lady standing in full dress with gloves and fan, ornate table and lamp in background
50.  Portrait, seven ladies (three seated and four standing)
51.  Young men standing on brick walk in arbor
52.  Seven people in front of "LAMAR" building (Hot Springs, AR - LaMar Bath House, 1888-ca.1922)
53.  Young lady seated on outside steps with umbrella
54.  Man standing outside by brick house
55.  People in park - building, horse on left, lam post, Spring house
56.  Rockafellows Bath House - Allens Alterations and Spring water cart
57.  Sportsman's playing cards arranged in design with "Who is shy Jack" button in center
58.  Man seated with child on lap outside - hammock and wooden fence in background
59.  Portrait, man standing in three-piece suit wearing tie, stick pin, and watch chain (Kenna)
60.  Baby wearing fancy dress seated in chair

Box 4

61.  Man in rowboat on sand bar
62.  Lady holding child on lap by window
63.  Two-story stone structure with picket fence and dirt street
64.  Same as #39 - seated in this one
65.  Man seated in arm desk chair with books and secretary desk in background
66.  Man seated on chair
67.  Four men, three boats and a flat boat in background
68.  Man seated with four children in arbor
69.  Child posing in diaper with top hat and bow and arrow on a rug
70.  Same as #64 - three boys seated
71.  Child posing in two-piece underwear with top hat on rug
72.  Child posing in two-piece underwear with top hat and forks of a twig
73.  Same as #69 - different pose
74.  Two-story brick home, left and front view
75.  Man seated with bandage on finger, gun across lap, and accordion
76.  Two children seated in chair
77.  Young man posing on desktop of armchair holding a whisk broom
78.  Empty boat on riverbank
79.  Young girl in highchair in yard
80.  Young man standing holding hat; chair with afghan, tree limb planter

Box 5

81.  Same as #49 - different pose
82.  Same as #47 - different pose
83.  Young lady holding stick and book, boy on all-metal tricycle; "Papa, what did you bring?"
84.  Interior of home - ornate furniture, lamps, rugs, and photographs
85.  Portrait of John Edward Kenna in the three-piece suit
86.  Child standing on sidewalk (Becker & Fell, Charleston) on bottom
87.  Child with ball and toy dog seated in wheelbarrow on brick walk
88.  Child in dress standing in chair with antlers behind her
89.  The "Old White" spa, Lewisburg, West Virginia
90.  Hotel Josephine, dirt streets and fire plug
91.  Same as #62 - closer up
92.  New Morse House - horses, wagons, early cloth sign board, streetlamps
93.  Close up of #74 - Front and right side of two-story brick house
94.  Jockey on a horse
95.  Baby in fancy dress in chair, embroidery flowers on cover
96.  Child posing in two-piece underwear and sailor hat
97.  Portrait, unidentified lady (torso)
98.  Child on a large turkey statue
99.  Child on a large turkey statue (different pose)
100.  Child in dress and hat standing on a chair

Box 6

101.  Portrait, young man standing
102.  Four different views - child on turkey statue
103.  Three boys and one girl - upper torso portrait
104.  Portrait, unidentified lady seated and dressed up
105.  Child in two-piece underwear, top hat, and boat and arrow on a rug
106.  Two men with log house in background, cows and spring house in foreground
107.  Two men with a horse
108.  Man standing in three-piece suit with overcoat and hat, posing on a rug
109.  Four-story frame building, boardwalk, railroad tracks in foreground, Kanawha Falls, ca. 1885
110.  Four ladies on banister in long dresses, three with hats
111.  Two ladies wearing hats seated in the woods - one with open parasol
112.  Horses, carriages, and drivers on broad dirt street in front of two large buildings
113.  Young man in three-piece suit seated on a bench holding mail and hat
114.  African American man and white children in park - gazebo in background
115.  African American man in front of rustic log cabin - dogs to right in tent
116.  African American man and several hunters with guns in front of rustic log cabin
117.  Young lady seated in rocking chair, hat in lap, outside, trellis in background
118.  Young lady seated on steps with rug, hat in lap
119.  Looking across dry creek bed to mill on the other side
120.  Empty rowboat in middle of stream, men and boats in background

Box 7

121.  Looking up stream at small rapids
122.  Boy in foreground with goat, people in horse and buggy and in house in background
123.  Boy and girl seated in chair, dressed up
124.  Two ladies with hats and parasols seated by a tree
125.  Three couples dressed up by rail fence
126.  Horse racing and spectators
127.  Man seated in rocks, holding gun and overlooking river
128.  Man seated on a log and two men on bank overlooking river
129.  Man seated and three children by a pond
130.  Lone fisherman in boat with pole, sein, and fishing basket
131.  Two men with fishing poles by stream
132.  View from high on hillside looking down into valley with buildings
133.  Man with gun over shoulder standing in yard in front of wood fence
134.  Man wearing three-piece suit and tie seated in chair - outside, hammock and wood fence in background
135.  Same as #93 - Brick house
136.  Brick and stone church, dirt street, African American man and picket fence
137.  Houses, cottages, horses and buggies with people
138.  Hotel Hays - wagon and horses, trolly lines in dirt street (205 Park Avenue, Hot Springs, AR, built ca. 1887)
139.  Plateau building, Hot Springs Valley Bank, band on wagon with cloth sign board for Opera House, also a lamp post
140.  Several men on bank, some in boats

Box 8

141.  Two boats and eight men knee-deep in water
142.  A large group of men with stream and homes in background
143.  Three men on bank fishing, rowboat on bank
144.  Two men and three boys on rocks with stream in background
145.  Rapids and falls - looking upstream
146.  Three men in boat fishing, boy standing on bank
147.  View from hillside looking down on stream - bridge and barn in back
148.  Same as #140
149.  Three men in boat in foreground - one in water and one on bank in background
150.  Two men on large rock in middle of stream
151.  Two boats with men coming down stream
152.  Large rock formation, stream in foreground - Note: ladder at top part of the formation
153.  Baseball team in uniform
154.  Man wearing a three-piece suit with top hat and cane, seated on chair in yard with stick planter beside him
155.  Group of well-dressed men in front of a building
156.  Front and right-side view of house - ornate wood fence
157.  Three men on boat - two with long fur coats
158.  Close-up of horse in harness with blinders
159.  Potash Sulphur Spring Well House - ornate fence and signs
160.  Victorian Hotel - horse and surrey (probably not Hot Springs, AR)

Box 9

161.  Hillside - ravine with loose rocks
162.  View from hill looking down on main part of town - Bath house row, Hot Springs, AR, ca. 1888
163.  Hot Springs Opera House - horse and buggy
164.  Hunting dogs in and around tent
165.  Suspension bridge - across the river is the town
166.  Man with gun and lady on bank of stream
167.  Man in boat fishing - three boys on bank
168.  Bridge with wood floor - house in background
170.  Close-up of house pictured in #168
171.  Man with boy with fun on stream bank
172.  Three young boys in rowboat
173.  Outside view of the Old White Spa - Front and left side
174.  Front view from left side of the Old White Spa
175.  Sulky race with spectators
176.  Horse racing with spectators
177.  Sulky race with spectators
178.  Lady seated on floor, helping support baby in long dress in chair
179.  Baby in christening gown propped against a pillow in a chair.
180.  Same as #123 - opposite side boy and girl dressed up

Box 10

181.  Same as #76 - opposite view - boy and girl dressed up
182.  Lady holding baby in long dress, wearing cross necklace
183.  Girl reclining on chaise lounge
184.  Same as #123 and #180 - different pose, boy and girl dressed up
185.  Same as #123, #180, and #184 - different pose (eyes closed) - boy and girl dressed up
186.  Same as #76 and #181 - eyes closed
187.  Man in field, picket fence and house in background
188.  Girl dressed up in highchair
189.  Girl dressed up in highchair - different pose
190.  Stagecoach - men on foot bridge - man on horseback - surrey
191.  Four hunters, two with deer and one with a turkey on banks
192.  Several men and three fishing boats
193.  Men on shore with their boat on bank
194.  Three men seated with fishing poles - Kenna in the middle
195.  Several men and boys with deer and hides hanging on building - dogs in foreground
196.  Frame church - dirt street and walks - house in background
197.  Families in front of tents in a field - some dressed up
198.  Men with boats fishing
199.  Frame house - second story porch - vines and picket fence
200.  Two-story brick house - fancy picket fence - wood walk and dirt street
201.  View of park area with large building in background
202.  Men fishing, wading and in boats
203.  "Old Hale" Bath House - Two-story ornate frame building (Hot Springs, AR)
204.  Deteriorating two-story house - old man seated in foreground
205.  Same as #204
206.  Children seated on steps with a large and a small dog - animal skin rug
207.  Same as #49 and #81 - different pose - front view, lady in long dress with fan, ornate table and lamp
208.  Same as #49, #81, and #207 - different pose
209.  Young girl in window with whisk broom on chair by window
210.  Same as #49, #81, #207, #208 - left side view

Box 11

211.  Lady in chair by window with baby in long dress
212.  Family portrait - lady with five children
213.  Man wearing three-piece suit, seated outside - Brick house with fancy stair railing in background
214.  Slightly different pose from #213
215.  Two young ladies seated outside, reading by a tree with hammock - fence in background
216.  Two couples seated on front porch - brick house, concrete walk and steps in background
217.  Man fishing with lady in background
218.  Same man and lady in #217, but he has a gun
219.  African American man smoking a pipe with a large coffee pot - tent and log cabin in background
220.  Same as #49, #81, #207, #208, and #210 - front view with open fan
221.  Same as #220 - head turned
222.  Same as #213 - closer view
223.  Young girl standing on bench outside by tree
224.  Three women and two men seated outside - brick house in background
225.  Lady in apron seated outside
226.  Two-story frame house - people on porches above stream
227.  Photographer and camera on rocks above stream
228.  Various men in different apparel on rocks by waterfall
229.  Log house in background - two men, cattle, spring house in foreground
230.  Man on top of rock formation - man in tree and another half way up - Note: ladder on left in trees

Box 12

231.  Small building - falling apart in open field
232.  Log structure falling apart in field - split rail fence in background
233.  Portrait of Arthur Kenna standing in knickers, hat and tie with hands in pockets
234.  Family portrait and man, lady, and seven children - porch and house in background
235.  African American man seated on stone steps - brick house in background
236.  Nine well-dressed men standing by wooden water tank - lake in back
237.  Family portrait, fourteen people total - seated and standing
238.  One man in boat on river
239.  Several dogs resting beside and in a tent
240.  Several men standing on bank with a campfire - two boats nearby
241.  Five men on a large rock in stream - two men with boats in front
242.  Man leaning against cabin door - four deer and a deer hide hang on outside cabin wall
243.  Four men - one has a turkey on his back and a horse carries two deer
244.  Two men in buggy with a team of horses - picket fence and house in background
245.  Cow in foreground - several men - board fence and two-story building
246.  Ornate house with iron fence and stone wall - man on sidewalk
247.  Five-piece band with groups of men and ladies gathered around - three houses in background
248.  Gentleman standing outside in yard with several potted plants - brick house in background
249.  Two ladies seated outside - wood fence in background
250.  Seven men seated - Kenna in middle, Second row

Box 13

251.  Ozark Bath House - ornate two-story building - four people and awning (Hot Springs, AR)
252.  Five-story building - horses and buggies - weathervane
253.  Superior Bath House - two-story brick house with awnings (Hot Springs, AR)
254.  Ornate, large gazebo, lamp post - house in background
255.  Nathaniel Greene monument
256.  Three houses
257.  "Joseph's Infirmary" - five-story building with picket fence and "vacant room" sign (Hot Springs, AR)
258.  Four-story brick home with lattice fence - potholes in street
259.  Three homes on dirt street - picket fence and wood sidewalk
260.  Ornate church alter with flowers and candles
261.  Gazebo to left and park in middle - large buildings in background
262.  Larger gazebo to right with smaller gazebo in background, some houses in background
263.  Larger gazebo to left with buildings in background, people in center
264.  View from hillside - park area between buildings
265.  Rector Bath House - Ornate, two-story building with outside stairs and lighting rods (Hot Springs, AR)
266.  Big Iron Bath House - appears in #265 on the left (Hot Springs, AR)
267.  Horseshoe Bath House - two ornate frame buildings (Hot Springs, AR)
268.  "Waverly" - three-story frame building with wood walk, awnings, horse and buggy, and lamp post
269.  View from hillside overlooking town with dirt street - houses on either side
270.  Rammelsberg Bath House - two-story brick building with ornate roof (Hot Springs, AR)
271.  Portrait, Man with long sideburns wearing coat and tie
272.  The Daily Graphic, children photo - July 7, 1888 - Mary Kenna, Edward Kenna, John Kenna, Arthur Kenna, Allen V. Cockrell, and Ana Cockrell
273.  Portraits, Theodore Bennighau, Jr.

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