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Staunton Family Collection

STAUNTON COLLECTION Dr. Archibald G. Staunton married Dr. Rachel Hornbrook Bullard December 31, 1898, at Oakland, Maryland. They subsequently removed to Denver, Colorado, about 1903 where both practiced medicine. One child, a daughter Francis, was born to the couple. Francis received an M.A. degree from Denver University in 1945. She never married. Rachel died in 1946 and Archibald died November 20, 1958. Francis inherited the entire estate upon his death.

This collection consists of hundreds of photographs relating to the Staunton family, most dating from the late 1880's to the 1950's. It is complimented by manuscript collection Ms-93 at the West Virginia State Archives and manuscript collection 1633 at the Colorado Historical Society.

DONOR: Colorado Historical Society

Box 1:

Folder 1 - Encased ambrotype of bearded man and young boy - [n.d.]

Folder 2 - Mounted unidentified portrait photo of man - inscribed "Souvenir of Virginia Beach, Va" - [n.d.]

Folder 3 - Envelope containing misc. family photographs: one carte-de-visite of unidentified man and woman; photo of an unidentified woman and young girl; photo of the young girl clipped from previous entry and color-tinted; unidentified photo of a woman

Folder 4 - Pennsylvania - 16 unidentified photos including 9 cabinet photos and 3 carte-de-visite by Philadelphia photographers; 2 cabinet photos by Mt. Pleasant photographers; 2 cabinet photos by Mahanoy City photographers (one dated 1893)

Folder 5 - Kansas - 2 unidentified photos by Lawrence and Independence photographers

Folder 6 - Illinois - 2 photos of Margaret Hatfield and one of Margaret and Theodore Hatfield and one unidentified photo - all by Evanston, Illinois photographers - probably ca. early 1900's

Folder 7 - Ohio - 3 carte-de-visite of young children by Bellaire, OH photographer; cabinet photo of young man (3 copies) by Bellaire, OH photographer; 1 cabinet photo of young man by Cincinnati, OH photographer; 1 mounted photo of old man by Cambridge, OH photographer

Folder 8 - Miscellaneous Photos - 56 photos - most unidentified - 2 with a Mr. Abney reading The Charleston Gazette

Folder 9 - Miscellaneous homes - 23 photos of unidentified homes

Folder 10 - Rachel and Lillie Bullard - 31 photos - mostly cabinet photos - c. 1888-1907 - including group photo at Hill Top Cottage dated 1888

Folder 11 - Tintypes (2) of Rachel and Lillie Bullard and others - one inscribed Summer of 1888 Oakland, MD

Folder 12 - Joseph Marshall Staunton (1819-1904), father of Archibald & Sidney Staunton - cabinet photo (2 copies) by New York photographer

Folder 13 - Archibald Staunton - 6 cabinet photos by Charleston, WV photographers Becker & Fell and Proctor & Thompson; 1 mounted photo

Folder 14 - Homes - 22 photos of interiors & exteriors including one identified as home of T.E. Bullard, Oakland, MD; 6 identified as interior of Fair Oaks, Oakland, MD house in which Archibald Staunton and Rachel Bullard were married

Folder 15 - Group photos (13) of Archibald Staunton & Rachel Bullard & Lillie - most taken in Philadelphia, PA and one in Oakland, MD

Folder 16 - Francis Staunton - 41 early childhood photos

Folder 17 - Black photo album containing photos of graves, street scenes on Kanawha and Dunbar streets, Charleston, WV, and "Bob" the horse

Folder 18 - Souvenir book of Utah and 2 large hand colored photos, Green River Desert, Utah a and a scene in Wyoming

Folder 19 - Louisiana - cabinet photo of little girl by Louisiana photographer with inscription to Dr. A. G. Staunton from Anola Ballowe; large photo of lady and 2 girls by Shreveport photographer; 2 postcards dated 1910 Shreveport of a house

Folder 20 - Francis Staunton - 10 childhood portraits by Charleston, WV photographer J. Leonard Gates

Folder 21 - Rachel H.B. Staunton - (20) photos - most by Gates photography of Charleston, WV

Folder 22 - Charleston, WV - (5) unidentified cabinet photos, (10) mounted photos, (2) carte-de- visite photos - all by Charleston, WV photographers; (4) postcards of same unidentified house postmarked 1909-1911 and signed Sue and S.A.S.; small photo of Baptist Temple with horse-drawn carriage; early river view of Kanawha City

Folder 23 - Washington, D.C. - (2) unidentified portraits by Washington, D.C. photographers

Folder 24 - Henry Clay Hornbrook - (5) photos of Hornbrook (born 1841 in Marshall Co., WV) with two of them signed from CA; (3) Hornbrook coat of arms

Folder 25 - Wheeling, WV - (11) photos including (7) carte-de-visite by Wheeling, WV photographers; (1) cabinet photo by Wheeling, WV photographer; photo of Frank D. Poindexter (1917) by Wheeling, WV photographer; postcard (1909) and photo of same house

Box 2

Folder 26 - Newfoundland - (38) photos and postcards dated 1898-1899 including a series of p photos of a seal skin hunt, a morning bicycle party, , interior of a dental office, an a athletic field, and numerous ships. Also a copy of a letter dated 1-18-1909 from Newfoundland by Thurl Staunton to Rachel Staunton

Folder 27 - (16) stereograph photos of Europe, the Philippines, and the American West

Folder 28 - (25) identified photos of individuals (carte-de-visite/cabinet photos/mounted photos): Frederic W. McCall, 1891, Philadelphia, PA; Lewis J. Battle, U.O.P., 1893. Philadelphia, PA: Albert B. Protsman [?], Vevay, IN - Philadelphia, PA; Woodbridge C. Johnson, Philadelphia, PA; Wilbert E. King, age: 3 yrs.; May Cambridge & Henry A. Smith, London, England; Signed postcard from Indian chief to Dr. Staunton; Thurl William Tower, 6 mos.; Mary R. McGivigan, Charleston, WV; Dorothy Richardson, 5 yrs. old, 1908; Marian Richardson, 3 yrs. old, 1908; Wilbert K. Gilmore, Pasadena, CA; Ralph Yearman, 7 mos.; E.W.J., Mar. 27, 1911; Caroline H. [?]; Charleston, WV; Frank Wilbert Davis, Charleston, WV; Paul Dillon Ryland, Age: 27, Mar. 1904 [with name card]; Francis A. Wilbur, Xmas, 1930; Jack Rose, Age 10, Aug. 6, 1957; Thomas William Trude, 12-10-1956; Mary Margaret Trude, 12-10-1956; James Edward Trude, 12-10-1956; Sally Elizabeth Trude, 12-55, 1 yr. old; Lizzie Merriman, Dorothy & Ft. Worth cousins; Gen. Robert E. Lee with Generals

Folder 29 - (3) photos of Callie Eaton of Red House, WV - all by Charleston, WV photographers One at age 5 - one at age 7 in 1910 - one undated

Folder 30 - (32) Unidentified photos of individuals - Part I

Folder 31 - (61) Unidentified photos of individuals - Part II

Folder 32 - (17) Unidentified portraits from misc. locations such as Huntington, WV; Grafton, WV; Weston, WV; New York; Indiana; Boston; Baltimore; New Jersey; St. Helens

Folder 33 - California - (3) hand colored large size postcards from Riverside, CA; (1) photo of Santa Barbara Mission; (3) snapshots dated 1925 from Fresno, CA; one small envelope from Los Angeles, CA dated 1915 from Dr. F. Leslie Eames, Dentist

Folder 34 - Mounted group photo of a Bible Reading Association

Folder 35 - Mounted photo of Harrison Albright family at 528 Quarrier St., Charleston, WV - [n.d]

Folder 36 - Charleston, WV - (7) photos in sequence of a barge passing underneath the old South Side bridge - [n.d]

Folder 37 - Photo of man in horse drawn buggy - [n.d.]

Folder 38 - Photo of street scene on Water St. [?] - [n.d.]

Folder 39 - Tintype group photo - [n.d.] and a negative - [n.d.]

Folder 40 - Miscellaneous over-sized unidentified photos

Folder 41 - Postcards - Maryland (8) plus one souvenir book Maryland

Folder 42 - Postcards (38) of American West, New York, an other states plus two business envelopes

Folder 43 - (8) miscellaneous items including unidentified postcards, photos, and coat of arms

Folder 44 - (43) holiday and decorative style postcards plus one racist postcard

Folder 45 - (49) West Virginia postcards many with writing dated in early 1900's

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