Calhoun County Seat

First Meeting of the Calhoun County Court

Calhoun County Minutes, 1856-1869
Calhoun County

Pursuant to the Act of Assembly forming the county of Calhoun out of part of Gilmer county, passed on [blank] day of March 1856, Harrison R. Ferrel, Joshua L. Knight, Hiram Ferrel, Daniel Duskey, George Lynch Jr. and William A. Brannan Justices of the peace for Gilmer, who had heretofore been commissioned and qualified as such for said county, in that portion of Gilmer county which now forms Calhoun, and having qualified according to said act forming Calhoun county, met at the house of Joseph W. Burson in the said Calhoun county, on Monday the 14th day of April 1856, who constituted a court for the transaction of business.

No business being done on account of roads, this day, it is ordered that this court adjourn until tomorrow morning 9 o'clock.

Hiram Ferrel.


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