Tucker County Seat

Preston County Journal
August 10, 1893

The Tucker County War.

Hearing of the action of Judge Dent of the Supreme Court in the case of the removal of the records of the Tucker courts from St. George to Parsons, the citizens of Parsons concluded that the quickest and safest thing to do was to remove the records before the court's decree could be legally served. So on Tuesday evening, the 1st inst., they raised a large crowd of men and went over to St. George and loaded up the records and hauled them over to Parsons, and when Judge Hoke arrive Thursday evening at St. George where he proposed holding a special term on Friday, he found the county records were not there. By consent the court was held at Parsons. On Monday the county court convened in special session and ordered the records back to St. George and it is expected that when the Sheriff attempts to execute the order there will be trouble, as the people of Parsons declare they shall not be returned. Yesterday Camden Lipscomb, an attorney of Parsons, was here to ask Judge Hoke to grant a writ prohibiting the execution of the order of the county court, but he refused to pass upon the petition, holding that the question was now in the hands of the Supreme Court and out of his jurisdiction. Mr. Lipscomb went to Grafton to lay the petition before Judge Dent.

Much bad feelings exists over the matter, and if conservative counsel does not prevail, there will be serious trouble and bloodshed may result.


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