Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
May 6, 1861

Kanawha Valley Star
May 7, 1861

Meeting in Kanawha.

At a large meeting of the citizens of the county of Kanawha, held at their Court House, in pursuance of notice, the 6th day of May, 1861.

Doctor John Parks was called to the chair and A. W. Quarrier, appointed secretary.

By vote of the meeting, the chair appointed Samuel A. Miller, James H. Fry, James Ruffner, A. B. Littlepage, J. H. Rogers, Thomas R. Friend, and Charles Hedrick, a committee to prepare suitable resolutions for the consideration of the people.

Dr. John Parks, Maj. Andrew Parks, Hon. Geo. W. Summers, Dr. S. Patrick, Capt. Geo. S. Patton, Thos. L. Broun, and Wm. A. Quarrier, Esqs, addressed the assembled citizens, and the committee reported the resolutions unanimously agreed on by that body, as follows:

Whereas a war, is not being waged by the administration of Lincoln, against the people of Virginia, which if not promptly resisted, threatens to be one of the most murderous, exterminating, and barbarous character; and whereas the Convention of Virginia, in view of this condition of things, on the 25th day of April last, passed the following resolution: "Resolved, that it be earnes[t]ly recommended to the citizens of the several counties, to promptly form and discipline companies of volunteers of their able-bodied men; and to the county courts to levy, or raise by issuing Bonds, a sufficient amount of money, to equip and arm such volunteers, when raised."

Therefore, be it now resolved, by the people of Kanawha county, in public meeting assembled, after due notice, that Major Parks, the attorney of the Commonwealth, be requested to present these resolutions to the county court at its next session and to move said court, as soon as possible to provide for the sum of $10,000, for the purposes aforesaid.

2d. That the committee hereafter named be requested to procure by private contribution, as much as possible, for the same purposes.

3d. That the following gentlemen be appointed a committee[e], by this meeting, and recommended to the county court to receive and disburse the subscriptions aforesaid, in accordance with the above resolutions:

James C. McFarland, ch'n., John H. Goshorn, James L. Carr, Francis Thompson, Wm. H. Tompkins, Samuel J. Cabell, Orestes Wilson, Dr. John Parks, John N. Clarkson.

And the said resolutions were unanimously adopted by the meeting.

On motion, it was resolved, that the proceedings of the meeting be published in the Kanawha Valley Star and Kanawha Republican.

On motion the meeting adjourned.

John Parks, Ch'n.

A. W. Quarrier, Sec'y.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: May 1861

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