Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
May 9, 1861

Richmond Daily Dispatch
May 13, 1861

Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.

Military enthusiasm in Greenbrier.

Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., Va., May 10th, 1861.

Our troop of Cavalry has been increased to about seventy-five men. They drill daily. Capt. Gordon, lately complimented by the receipt of a Colonelcy of Volunteers, I believe, has been to Richmond, earnestly endeavoring to obtain arms and service for his men. They are to be gratified, it is understood, and hence they hold themselves ready to start at an hour's notice. The new Rifle company, organized yesterday, now awaits equipments and arms. They desire active service.

A Home Guard is being organized. Troops have been drilling day and night for many days, to secure the greatest efficiency in time for the call of the Governor.

Messrs. Price, Caperton, et als., addressed the citizens of the county, assembled enmasse at the Court-House on yesterday. They strongly urged sustaining Virginia in her late action. At the conclusion of the addresses the vote was taken on the question, "Shall Greenbrier vote for the Ordinance of Secession?" There was but one voice manifested in the tremendous response of assent.

The Superior Court, Judge Hudson presiding, is in session. One or two important criminal cases came up for trial.

The prospect for wheat is remarkably fine. The fruit has suffered very little from frost.

The great White Sulphur Springs will open on the 15th inst. This is earlier than usual.

The Dispatch comes as regularly as the mall.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: May 1861

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