Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
July 21, 1862

Wheeling Intelligencer
July 23, 1862

Marshall still Moving:Death to Treason and Traitors.

A large and enthusiastic War meeting of the citizens of Marshall County, was held at the Court House on Monday the 21st inst., (Court day.) The meeting was organized by appointing Remembrance Swan Delegate to the Legislature, Chairman, and James Holliday, Secretary. The object of the meeting on request, was explained by the Secretary to respond to the Presidents recent requisition for three hundred thousand men, and to institute proper measures to raise at once Marshall County's quota under the Governor's proclamation. The Governor's proclamation was read by Jas. Burley Esq., and suggestions were made by him as to the best mode of proceeding in response thereto. At the conclusion of which, R. C. Holliday was called for and responded in a brief and earnest address, urging prompt and united action on the part of the people to sustain by contributions of men and money to the constitutional government of the land in its patriotic efforts to sustain itself in its protracted death struggle with treason and traitors. At the conclusion of which it was resolved to raise at the earliest practicable day Marshall County's quota of volunteers, and for this purpose to pay to each new volunteer (when accepted by the Regimental Surgeon) from the County treasury $25, to be raised by levy, and for this purpose the Court was requested to make an order at its present session, convening the Justices at the August term next to carry the resolution of the meeting into effect, Sheriff Reed having expressed his willingness to summon all the Justices without compensation. The sense of the meeting was expressed that the services of the Justices should be rendered in the premises without their usual per diem.

To aid in and expedite the work of raising volunteers, a committee for the county consisting of three persons for each Magisterial District was appointed as follows:

First District:Hiram McMechen, Alex. Kemple and Jasper Turner.

Second District:James Whittingham, William Blake and Jeremiah Jones.

Third District:James Alexander, Wm. Collins and Wm. R. Kimmons.

Fourth District:John Reynolds, Thomas B. McFarland and Alfred Gaines.

Fifth District:Seth Ingram, Theodore Clemmens and James Campbell.

Sixth District:Lot Enox, Emanuel Francis and Silas Ingram.

Seventh District:J. B. Hagar, George Hubbs and Wm. D. Logsdon.

Eighth District:Brice Howard, John Richey and J. W. Bonar.

The following resolution was offered by R. C. Holliday, Esq., and unanimously adopted by wild shouts of "aye," "good," etc., etc.:

Resolved, That in the judgment of this meeting John S. Carlile, our present Senator in Congress, has, by his action and votes in that capacity, been unfaithful to the high trust confided to him, and has not only failed to fairly represent the feelings and wishes and interests of the people of Marshall county, but has grossly misrepresented the same; and that we hereby reprobate our said Senator and his official acts, and call upon him to immediately resign his office as Senator. And the thanks of the meeting are hereby expeessed [sic] to Senators Wade and Willey and to Congressmen Brown and Blair, and all other true friends in Congress to our new State movement.

Remembrance Swan, Pres't.
James Holliday, Sec'y.

[Press copy.]

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: July 1862

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