Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
January 3, 1863

Wheeling Intelligencer
January 8, 1863

Small Raid --- We learn from Wright delegate from Cabell County, that some half dozen rebel cavalrymen came into Barboursville, the county seat, last Saturday and carried off the commissioner's books. Nobody was interrupted and no other papers taken. It seems to us strange that half a dozen men could ride into a place like Barboursville and do such a thing with impunity. The people there must be peaceable or very easily scared. It reminds us of the celebrated "raid" made by Sergeant McDonald and his half dozen troopers into Georgetown, S. C., as recorded by Horry in Weems' Marion, at the time that place was occupied by the Brits. Some alarm existed at Guyandotte when intelligence of the "raid" reached there. The available force there wasn't under arms. Said available force consisted of a squad of Capt. Baggs men, who were so drunk they didn't care whether it snowed or not. Under these circumstances Guyandotte was thought to be safe unless the half dozen should advance on it.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: January 1863

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