Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
July 30, 1864

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
August 2, 1864

Marshall County.

The people of Marshall assembled at the Court House for the purpose of considering the propriety of offering bounties to volunteers to fill the quota of this county under the "late call." On motion, Mr. Joseph Turner was appointed President and N. R. Shattuck Secretary. The Rev. Mr. Trainer explained the object of the meeting to be, not only to consider the subject of bounties, but to appoint delegates to the Grafton convention.

After some discussion the meeting voted, almost unanimously, to instruct the Board of Supervisors to offer three hundred dollars ($300) for volunteers, whether they may enlist for one, two or three years.

The following persons were appointed delegates to the Graft convention:


Union Township - John M. Brown, Samuel Hood, J. G. Bartlebaugh.

Clay Township. - Wm. Collins, Samuel Riggs, Geo. W. Evans.

Franklin Township. - John Reynolds, T. B. McFarland, R. Swan.

Washington Township. - James Burley, Joseph Turner, A. C. Baker.

Meade Township - John W. Bonar, John Alley, Abel Bonar.

Liberty District. - Wm. E. P arriott, Sam'l. Henderson, John Bell.

Webster Township. - Mahlom Riggs, Lot Enix, Wm. Phillips.

Sand Hill. - Jas. Jamison, T. F. Marshman and Theodore Clemens.

On motion it was

Resolved, That all loyal citizens of Marshall county, who may be at the convention, act as delegates.

Resolved, That the Wheeling Intelligencer be requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting.

Jos. Turner, Pres't.
N. K. Shattuck, Sec'y.
Moundsville, July 30th, 1864.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: July 1864

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