Rhododendron: State Flower of West Virginia
The West Virginia School Journal, November 1902, p. 29

Choice of a State Flower

As announced last May it is proposed that the schools of West Virginia shall vote upon the choice of a State Flower on Wednesday, November 26, 1902. While there may be nothing authoritative in such a choice, still the privilege of choosing a State emblem has usually been accorded to the pupils in the public schools, and we think any choice emphasized by a full vote would be generally accepted by our citizens. Several recommendations have been made, among them the apple blossom, the wild rose, the laurel, the daisy, the white clover, the golden rod and the wild honeysuckle or columbine. So far as we have heard any discussion of the question, the laurel and the wild honeysuckle seem to have the preference.

It is recommended that each teacher present the matter for discussion and investigation as long before the day as possible, and thus enable the pupils to arrive at an intelligent conclusion. It is further suggested that patrons of the schools, fathers and mothers and others desiring to take part in the selection, shall be allowed to vote.

Teachers are requested to make a correct record of the vote for each flower and forward the same to this office before December 10, 1902.

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