Rhododendron: State Flower of West Virginia

Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia at its Twenty-Sixth Regular Session commencing January 14, 1903. (Charleston: The Tribune Printing Company, 1903)

(H. J. R. No. 19)

[Adopted January 23, 1903.]

Relating to a State flower.

Whereas, Many of our sister states have adopted some floral emblem; and

Whereas, Our present chief executive, the governor of the State, and his immediate predecessor, have each recommended the big laurel, or rhododendron, and the pupils of the public schools of the State, under direction of the state superintendent, have voted for this flower; therefore, be it

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That said rhododendron, or big laurel, be and it is hereby designated as the official State flower, to be used as such at all proper times and places.

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