Clay County


Originally known as Marshall.

Population 2010 Census: 491
Median Age: 38.8 years

Courthouse: Completed 1978; former courthouse completed in 1902 stands across the street
Architect: R. L. Wilson

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Formed: 1858
Named: In honor of Henry Clay, Kentucky statesman.
County Seat: Clay
Land in Square Miles: 341.90
Population 2010 Census: 9,386
Persons per Square Mile 2010: 27.5

Primary Sources Online
Discovery of the Golden Delicious
50th Anniversary of Introduction of the Golden Delicious Apple
1960 Presidential Campaign in Clay County
Widen Strike

Grocery store in Bickmore, 1983   (dialup)    (broadband)
Bread dough artists Joyce Green and Sandy King, 1983   (dialup)    (broadband)
Working dog Max O'Hara of Ovapa, 1984   (dialup)    (broadband)
Abbott General Store in Bomont, 1984   (dialup)    (broadband)

Civil War
Scout in Roane and Clay Counties, 1862
Among the Guerrillas, 1862
Clay County Union Militia Letters, Folder 13
Clay County Union Militia Letters, Folder 15

Photographs of Schools in Clay County
Widen Safety Club members at the old YMCA / theater building, Clay County

Secondary Sources Online
List of Clay County Legislators

West Virginia Veterans Memorial Biographies
Albert Benton Adkins
Clifford Ray Hall
James Harold Hamrick
Ozro, Johnnie, and Burman Jones
Carl L. Keller
Orville Andrew May
Philip Larry Nichols
Leon Shelburn Paxton
James Elliott Reed
Abraham Clotten Sams
Carey Kenneth Stockwell

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