Lincoln County


Chartered in 1853

Population 2010 Census: 1,142
Median Age: 43.2 years

Courthouse: Completed 1964
Architect: Greife, Daly & Hoblitzell

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Formed: 1867
Named: In honor of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president
County Seat: Hamlin
Land in Square Miles: 437.04
Population 2010 Census: 21,720
Persons per Square Mile 2010: 49.7

Primary Sources Online
1960 Presidential Campaign in Lincoln County
Adkins Bankruptcy Case
Chuck Yeager
Recht Decision

Sheep farm at Myra, 1983   (dialup)    (broadband)
Bessie Raines of Sumerco, 1983   (dialup)    (broadband)
Betty Lovejoy of Hamlin, 1983   (dialup)    (broadband)
Twin cows in Sias, 1983   (dialup)    (broadband)
Ruby Lambert of Branchland and Wee Win toys, 1984   (dialup)    (broadband)
Bill Toney and his plow horse, Ferrellsburg, 1984   (dialup)    (broadband)
DeHaven General Store in Leet, 1984   (dialup)    (broadband)
Train enthusiast Tubby Carper of Griffithsville, 1984   (dialup)    (broadband)
Jefferson Award winner Ruth Hypes of Hamlin, 1984   (dialup)    (broadband)
Hager Supply Company of Hamlin, 1985   (dialup)    (broadband)
Unveiling Chuck Yeager statue at Hamlin   (dialup)    (broadband)

Photographs of Schools in Lincoln County

Secondary Sources Online
List of Lincoln County Legislators

West Virginia Veterans Memorial Biographies
Sid Adams
Alison Wright Adkins
Conley Odell Adkins
Elbie Adkins
Rodney Allen Breedlove
Karol Clay
Arthur Nello McMellon
Parker Meikle
James Clifford Pauley
Larry Gail Williamson
Waldo Ray Williamson
Kenneth Paul Wilson

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West Virginia Archives and History