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"Time Trail,
West Virginia"
November 1997 Schedule

November 3 Arch Moore injured in helicopter crash (1968)

November 4 Floods devastate much of West Virginia (1985)

November 5 The Taylor Strauder case (1874)

November 6 Battle of Droop Mountain (1863)

November 7 Coal mine explosion at Ferrell No. 17 in Boone Co.

November 10 Kanawha Salt Company--the country's first trust (1817)

November 11 Burning of Guyandotte (1861)

November 12 Governor Moore negotiates the end to a national coal strike (1971)

November 13 Junior J. Spurrier of Bluefield earns the Medal of Honor (1944)

November 14 Marshall University football team plane crash (1970)

November 17 Mary Behner's Presbyterian missionary work along Scotts Run (1928)

November 18 Leon Miller becomes first black judge in state

November 19 Accoville native Ted Belcher earns the Medal of Honor (1966)

November 20 Farmington mine disaster (1968)

November 21 Bomb destroys Bluefield State's Physical Education building

November 24 George Washington acquires his first land in present-day WV (1750)

November 25 Death of State Geologist Israel C. White (1927)

November 26 Death of Governor William Marland (1965)

November 27 Groundbreaking for the National Track & Field Hall of Fame (1976)

November 28 The beginning of West Virginia University football (1891)

"Time Trail, West Virginia"

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