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1 CL15-00011964 January circaPicture. Engine No. 8.
2 CL15-00021964 January circaPicture. Caboose.
3 CL15-00031966 December circaPicture. Train with lumber.
4 CL15-00041966 December circaPicture. Track and train.
5 CL15-00051964 January circaPicture. Meadow River engines.
6 CL15-00061964 January circaPicture. Meadow River engine.
7 CL15-00071964 January circaPicture. Lumber.
8 CL15-00081964 January circaPicture. Church.
9 CL15-00091964 April circaPicture. Log loader.
10 CL15-00101964 April circaPicture. Log loader loading logs.
11 CL15-00111964 April circaPicture. Camp cars.
12 CL15-00121964 April circaPicture. Spar and wires.
13 CL15-00131964 April circaPicture. Wires picking up log.
14 CL15-00141964 April circaPicture. Loading logs.
15 CL15-00151964 April circaPicture. Tractor skidding.
16 CL15-00161964 April circaPicture. Loading operation.
17 CL15-00171964 April circaPicture. Caboose and engine.
18 CL15-00181964 April circaPicture. Log loader.
19 CL15-00191964 April circaPicture. Log loader.
20 CL15-00201964 April circaPicture. Loading logs.
21 CL15-00211964 January circaPicture. Meadow River Lumber mill.
22 CL15-0022 Picture. View of Rainelle.
23 CL15-00231964 January circaPicture. Meadow River Lumber mill.
24 CL15-00241964 January circaPicture. Meadow River Lumber mill.
25 CL15-00251964 January circaPicture. Meadow River Lumber mill.
26 CL15-00261964 January circaPicture. View of Rainelle.
27 CL15-00271964 January circaPicture. Carload of sawdust.
28 CL15-00281964 January circaPicture. Man beside logs.
29 CL15-00291964 January circaPicture. Log train at mill.
30 CL15-00301964 January circaPicture. Man in log pond.
31 CL15-00311964 January circaPicture. Lumber.
32 CL15-00321964 January circaPicture. Stacked lumber.
33 CL15-0033 Picture. Log train.
34 CL15-00341964 January circaPicture. Meadow River Lumber mill.
35 CL15-0035 Picture. Shay engine No. 5
36 CL15-00361964 January circaPicture. Loading lumber.
37 CL15-0037 Picture. Shay engine No. 7
38 CL15-0038 Picture. Train in cutover area.
39 CL15-0039 Picture. Man beside train.
40 CL15-0040 Picture. Man and tractor.
41 CL15-0041 Picture. Log loader.
42 CL15-0042 Picture. Log skidding.
43 CL15-00431908Picture. Spruce Lumber steam loader.
44 CL15-0044 Picture. Child in field.
45 CL15-00451935 circaPicture. Shay engine in snow.
46 CL15-0046 Picture. House.
47 CL15-0047 Picture. Log loader.
48 CL15-0048 Picture. View of town and mill.
49 CL15-0049 Picture. Meadow River Lumber mill.
50 CL15-0050 Picture. Graduating class.
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