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1 CL08-00011898Picture. Fourth of July picnic at "Holmfield" at Nuttall Mountain.
2 CL08-00021900 circaPicture. Jackson Taylor house and family.
3 CL08-0003 Picture. Bust view of John Nuttall.
4 CL08-00041900 circaPicture. Minnie Taylor and child in garden.
5 CL08-00051900 circaPicture. Minnie Taylor and child on bench.
6 CL08-0006 Picture. Bridge at Fayette Station.
7 CL08-0007 Picture. Men, boy, and mule at entrance to mine shaft.
8 CL08-0008 Picture. View of Richlands.
9 CL08-00091900 circaPicture. Fred Raven's room at the Hotel Richland.
10 CL08-0010 Picture. Clinch River bridge.
11 CL08-00111900 circaPicture. "Holmefield."
12 CL08-00121895 circaPicture. Nuttalburg church.
13 CL08-00131897 October 27Picture. DuBree from "Quarrier" driftmouth.
14 CL08-00141897 October 27Picture. Trestle to "Quarrier" mine at DuBree.
15 CL08-0015 Picture. Keeney's Creek falls.
16 CL08-00161896Picture. Taylor children.
17 CL08-00171900 circaPicture. Jackson Taylor and Martha Nuttall Taylor.
18 CL08-00181900 circaPicture. Martha, Minnie, and Jackson Taylor.
19 CL08-00191900 circaPicture. Taylor family group at "Holmefield."
20 CL08-00201895 July 4Picture. Group on a Fourth of July picnic.
21 CL08-00211895 July 4Picture. Horses and buggies on a Fourth of July picnic.
22 CL08-00221900 circaPicture. Couple on waterfall.
23 CL08-00231900 circaPicture. Woman and child in garden.
24 CL08-00241900 circaPicture. Woman and child in garden.
25 CL08-0025 Picture. Distant view of "Holmefield."
26 CL08-0026 Picture. Path among trees along Keeney's Creek.
27 CL08-00271898Picture. Greenery around window in Hollands room.
28 CL08-0028 Picture. Interior of Fred Raven's room at the Hotel Richland.
29 CL08-0029 Picture. Distant view of Fayette Station bridge.
30 CL08-0030 Picture. Road and bridge at Buckhorn.
31 CL08-0031 Picture. View of Nuttalburg.
32 CL08-00321900 circaPicture. Woman drinking water among rocks.
33 CL08-00331900 circaPicture. Two women on rock at river.
34 CL08-0034 Picture. Coal cars and tipple at Keeney's Creek.
35 CL08-00351900 circaPicture. Woman on rock above Browns.
36 CL08-0036 Picture. Jerry Taylor on cliff.
37 CL08-0037 Picture. Nuttall Mountain in winter.
38 CL08-00381899 circaPicture. Child in wagon at "Holmefield."
39 CL08-00391900 circaPicture. Children in garden at "Holmefield."
40 CL08-0040 Picture. New River at Nuttalburg.
41 CL08-00411900 circaPicture. "Ship Rock" on the Nuttall Mountain road.
42 CL08-0042 Picture. Keeney's Creek above falls.
43 CL08-00431900 circaPicture. Two people on rock beside water.
44 CL08-0044 Picture. First parlor of the Fred Ravens at Nuttalburg.
45 CL08-0045 Picture. Lower Fern Spring Falls.
46 CL08-00461900 circaPicture. Two women in front of rocks.
47 CL08-0047 Picture. Rocks at Short Creek falls.
48 CL08-00481900 circaPicture. Women and children at house at Nuttalburg.
49 CL08-0049 Picture. Anderson house.
50 CL08-0050 Picture. Withrow's mill.
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