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Result #I.D. #DateTitle
1 CL21-0217 Picture. Award of Honor.
2 CL21-0218 Picture. Award of Honor.
3 CL21-0219 Picture. Award of Honor.
4 CL21-0220 Picture. Welder.
5 CL21-0221 Picture. Welding shop.
6 CL21-0222 Picture. Machine shop.
7 CL21-0223 Picture. Welding shop.
8 CL21-0224 Picture. Spray shop.
9 CL21-0225 Picture. Stacks at steel.
10 CL21-0226 Picture. Palet trucks.
11 CL21-0227 Picture. Wheeling Steel.
12 CL21-0228 Picture. Wheeling Steel.
13 CL21-02291868Picture. LaBelle partners.
14 CL21-0230 Picture. Dolly the mule.
15 CL21-02311904 MayPicture. J. K. Henry and Edward Braun.
16 CL21-02321925Picture. Wheeling Steel employees.
17 CL21-02331938Picture. Wheeling Steel employees.
18 CL21-0234 Picture. Jeen Marsh.
19 CL21-0235 Picture. Hiram Bell.
20 CL22-0001 Picture. Charles Hadad.
21 CL22-0002 Picture. Joseph Dudley.
22 CL22-00031938Picture. Wheeling Steel employees.
23 CL22-00041915 SeptemberPicture. LaBelle Iron Works.
24 CL22-00051910 JulyPicture. Wheeling Steel men.
25 CL22-00061952 FebruaryPicture. Wheeling Steel workers.
26 CL22-0007 Picture. Charles Tuttle Hazlett.
27 CL22-0008 Picture. Nuzion Berry.
28 CL22-00091950s circaPicture. Wheeling Steel interior.
29 CL22-0010 Picture. Wheeling Steel interior.
30 CL22-0011 Picture. Exterior of LaBelle building.
31 CL22-0012 Picture. Wheeling LaBelle door.
32 CL22-00131952 October 9Picture. Wheeling Steel executives.
33 CL22-0014 Picture. Wheeling Steel interior.
34 CL22-0015 Picture. Wheeling Steel worker.
35 CL22-0016 Picture. Riverside blast furnace.
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