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West Virginia Photos Database
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Result #I.D. #DateTitle
1 CL24-0009 Picture. Man with horse.
2 CL24-0010 Picture. Group of men.
3 CL24-0011 Picture. Wheeling Downs.
4 CL24-0012 Picture. Wheeling Downs.
5 CL24-0013 Picture. Trainer with horse.
6 CL24-0014 Picture. Men with beer.
7 CL24-0015 Picture. Men with beer.
8 CL24-0016 Picture. Wheeling Downs.
9 CL27-0015 Picture. Wheeling Downs.
10 CL27-0016 Picture. Man with horse.
11 CL27-0017 Picture. Men with beer.
12 CL27-0018 Picture. Men with beer.
13 CL27-0019 Picture. Trainer with horse.
14 CL27-0020 Picture. Wheeling Downs.
15 CL27-0021 Picture. Wheeling Downs.
16 CL27-0022 Picture. Man with horse.
17 CL27-0023 Picture. Man and women.
18 CL27-0024 Picture. Man and baby.
19 CL27-0025 Picture. Unidentified man.
20 CL27-0026 Picture. Unidentified man.
21 CL27-0027 Picture. Group of men.
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