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Paul Adamos

T/Sgt. Paul Adamos was the elder son of Peter and Vangili Adamos of Beckley, West Virginia. Peter Adamos was a native of Greece and had settled in Raleigh County, according to the 1930 Census.

In July 1944, Mr. and Mrs. Adamos received word from the front that their son Paul was killed in France on July 6. According to an account in the Princeton Observer, Adamos and a squad of 12 routed 300 German soldiers out of pillboxes in the Cherbourg peninsula and took them prisoner. Mr. Adamos' last letter from his son had been written from Cherbourg.

Born on April 4, 1919, Paul ("Moose") grew up in Beckley and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High in 1937, where he starred on the football team. He went on to graduate in 1942 from Concord College:where he again played football (backfield):and was selected twice on the all-state collegiate conference team. Sgt. Adamos married Eva Cole of Bluefield.

He entered the Army (314th Infantry, 79th Infantry Division) in 1942, where he served for two years and two months. Paul was stationed in England for several months before the invasion at Normandy. At the same time, his brother Louis was serving in the Navy. Sgt. Adamos was buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Beckley, Raleigh County.

Article contributed by Patricia Richards McClure.


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