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Eugene Walter Becker

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Eugene Walter Becker

Kermit Becker

Eugene Walter Becker was born August 28, 1913, in Maysville, West Virginia, the fourth child of Arnold and Ada Taylor Becker. Eugene resided in Piedmont for 10 years prior to entering the service and was an employee of the Luke Plant of the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company. Eugene married Frieda Cade and they became the parents of a son, Kermit Eugene.

Eugene entered the Army on October 20, 1943. After his induction at Fort Hayes, Ohio, he received basic training at Camp Wheeler, Georgia, and was stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland, before being sent to North Africa in May 1944. By September of that year, Pvt. Eugene Becker was serving in the Italian Campaign, and, on September 15, he was killed in action near Florence. Temporarily buried in the Castelfiorentino Cemetery in Italy, the body of Pvt. Eugene Becker was returned to the United States in 1948. He was buried in the Maysville Cemetery in November 1948.

Kermit Becker was born July 20, 1918, in Maysville, the fifth child of Arnold and Ada Taylor Becker. Before entering the service, he was engaged in farming.

On May 20, 1941, Kermit married Ruthlee Cade, sister of Frieda Cade, in Petersburg. Kermit entered the Army on June 3 of that year in Huntington and became a military policeman receiving training at Camp Wolters, Texas; Camp Claiborne, Louisiana; and Fort Dix, New Jersey. In March 1943, he was promoted to private first class. At first stationed in Ireland, he later fought in the North African Campaign.

On September 4, 1943, while serving in Algeria, PFC Kermit Becker was attacked and sustained a fractured skull that resulted in his death. His body, originally buried in Africa, was returned to the United States in 1948 and buried in the Maysville Cemetery.



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