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Enlisted 22 December 1939
Received boot training at Parris Island, SC
Joined Sea School Detachment Norfolk Navy Yd 1 Feb 1940
Joined USS TEXAS crew 15 Mar 1940
Promoted to Pvt 1st Class 15 Oct 1940
Joined USS AUGUSTA crew 24 April 1941
Promoted to Corporal I August 1941
Assigned to USS CONSTELLATION 19 January 1942
Assigned Forward Echelon 1st Base Depot FMF 24 April 1942
Left Norfolk VA. by rail 30 April 1942
Arrived New Orleans, LA 2 May 1942
Embarked on SS DELBRASIL at Public Cotton Warehouse Dock 16 May
Crossed the Equator 23 May 1942 15 June 1942
Arrived Wellington, New Zealand 8 June 1942
Embarked aboard USS ZEILIN 23 Sept 1942
Arrived at Noumea, New Caledonia 8 Oct 1942
Assigned 1st Marine Raiders Regt. 8 April 1943
Participated in action on New Georgia Island, British Solomon Islands 4 July to 29 Aug 1943
Evacuated, sick. New Georgia Island, B.S.I, to Guadalcanal - Recurring Malaria
Embarked aboard USS RIXEY at Guadalcanal
Embarked on board APD'S 17 March 1944 Participated in seizure of Emirau Island
Promoted to Sergeant 12 Oct 1943
Promoted to Platoon Sergeant 18 December 1943
Embarked USS ELMORE 10 April 1944, arrived Guadalcanal
Embarked 30 May 1944, LST #276 to Kwajalein
At sea 1-9, anchored at Kwajalein, 11-30 at sea
July 1-4, 1944 at sea aboard LST. 5th arrived at Eniwetok
Sailed 15 July, at sea 16-20 July on LST
Arrived Guam 21 July 1944 and participated in action against the enemy
Killed 21 July - gunshot wound in left abdomen
Buried I August 1944 in Army- Navy-Marine Cemetery #2, Row #2 Grave #29 Plot #3.

Comments of commanding Officer 1st Diliberto: "Character: Excellent."

Note: After the war was over, his body was returned and buried in the far cemetery 11 April 1948. All family members were later reinterred at the Guthrie Cemetery.