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Ray Edward Dowler

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Ray Edward Dowler

Ray Edward Dowler was born July 6, 1930, in Moundsville, West Virginia, the youngest of four children born to Edward Samuel and Olive Crow Dowler.

Ray attended Moundsville High School, graduating in 1948. He was a member of the Limestone Presbyterian Church and the Limestone Council No. 60. Jr. Order United American Mechanics. He joined the Wheeling National Guard in 1947 and was an active member until January 10, 1951, when he was inducted into the Marine Corps.

Ray received basic training at Parris Island and Camp Le Jeune. He was attached to Company G (known as "George" Company), 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment, 1st Marine Division. He was sent overseas on October, 19, 1952.

On December 16, Pvt. Ray Dowler was part of a raiding party whose mission was to attack the Chinese entrenched on Hill 13, known as "Frisco Hill." According to Pfc. Gene Thomas, a member of the fire team of which Ray was the "Bar-man" (Browning Automatic Rifle), the Marines had crawled up close to the trenches of the Chinese when a flame thrower which was to have cleaned out the trenches malfunctioned. Pfc. Thomas reported that the Marines "took on casualties immediately." One of those casualties was Pvt. Ray Dowler, who died in close proximity to the enemy trenches targeted by the men from "George" Company.

The body of Pvt. Ray Dowler was returned to the United States and on March 13, 1953, was buried in the Limestone Church Cemetery in Marshall County, West Virginia.


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