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Joseph Easter

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived."

Gen. George S. Patton

Joseph Easter was born on October 15, 1921, in Jackson County, the sixth of eight children of James Michael and Jesse Bosworth Easter.

Joe attended Salt Lick School, which was adjacent to Salt Lick Church.
Salt Lick School and church
Salt Lick School and church, 1927-27
Salt Lick School group
Salt Lick School class. Joe Easter is
2nd from left, back row

He grew up on the family farm outside Ripley where the family produced corn and raised livestock. (The land was later sold to the State of West Virginia and became Cedar Lakes the State FFA-FHA Camp, which is well known for its annual Arts and Crafts Fair.) In addition to working at the farm, he also worked for the owner of Ripley Dairy.

Camp Croft
Camp Croft
Letter of Joe Easter
Joe Easter letter written from Camp Croft
Joseph Easter
Joseph Easter at home
In 1943, Joe entered the Army, the first of four Easter brothers to enlist. He was sent to Camp Croft in South Carolina, where he was assigned to Company C, 37th Infantry Training Battalion.

Later, he was assigned to the 38th Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division, known as "The Rock of the Marne," which participated in the Normandy Invasion on Omaha Beach on June 7, 1944. It is believed that Joe was killed during the Vire Offensive that began July 26, 1944. He was declared missing on that date and subsequently declared dead as of July 27, 1944, after his body was found.
Telegram on Joseph Easter
Telegram reporting Joseph Easter MIA, sent to his mother August 14, 1944
In Memory of Joe Easter
In Memory of Joe Easter

Easter grave marker
Joseph Easter grave marker, Salt Hill Cemetery
Joe Easter was originally buried in a temporary military cemetery at Normandy. Later, at the request of his family, his body was shipped to the United States and buried in the Salt Hill Cemetery.

Information provided by Steve Staats.


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