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Silbert Pershing Greene

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Silbert Pershing Greene

"Your Uncle was a real hero and you know, Heroes never die."

Pierre-Louis Gosselin

Silbert Pershing Greene was born November 15, 1918, at Bandytown, Boone County, West Virginia, the middle child of 6 children born to Lomer and Zona Miller Greene. As a youth Silbert attended Bandytown Elementary and Van High School.

Silbert enlisted in the Army in July 1941 and in 1943 went overseas. Silbert, who was attached to G Company, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, attained the rank of staff sergeant. S/SGT. Silbert Greene was a member of the 1st platoon of G Company, and this was the first platoon to lead the attack from Normandy Beach to the village of Colleville sur Mer in France. On June 6, 1944, while near a German bivouac area, the platoon came under fire from German snipers. Twelve members of G Company were killed including S/SGT. Silbert Greene. According to Pierre-Louis Gosselin, the owner of a museum in Colleville sur Mer, years later a French farmer found S/SGT. Greene's helmet in the spot where he had been killed. The helmet had a direct hit in the front.
Greene in England
Houses in England, with inset of Silbert Greene and S/SGT. Malcom L. Appleman, 1944.

S/SGT. Silbert Greene is buried in the Cambridge American Cemetery in England. Pierre Gosselin opened the Big Red One (First Infantry Museum) at Colleville sur Mer not far from where the sergeant was killed.

Source: Carson Greene Jr., nephew


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