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Victor Hamilton
Courtesy Helen Hamilton

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Victor Hamilton

"He gave his life and all that life held for him, that the things which make life worth while might remain for his friends."

Edwin Hamilton, brother

Victor Hamilton and his twin brother Edwin were born April 18, 1896, in Grantsville, West Virginia, to John M. and Minnie Cook Hamilton, to whom were born 15 children. He graduated from Glenville Normal School and became a teacher. He also was the editor of a weekly newspaper. Those who knew Victor personally remembered him as one who could discuss any subject be it literature or philosophy. According to his brother Edwin, Victor possessed the four virtues of success: intellect, energy, courage, and independence. He planned to enter medical school, but World War I intervened.
John and Minnie Hamilton
John M. and Minnie Hamilton.
Courtesy Lorentz C. Hamilton III

Victor enlisted in the Army on May 1, 1917, and was assigned to the 28th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. A corporal in a machine gun company, he sailed for France on June 8, 1917, with the first contingent of American soldiers. In October, his division occupied a front line position when it moved into the Toul sector. In May 1918, they moved north. Victor's machine gun company, supporting the 28th Infantry, marched into Cantigny on May 29. By July 18, the Americans held a sector extending from Soissons almost to Chateau-Thierry.

On July 22, 1918, Victor Hamilton was killed by machine gun fire while his squad was advancing. Victor's body was returned to the United States in 1921, and on May 26 a funeral was held for him in Grantsville. He was buried in Bethlehem Cemetery beside his father and two brothers.


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