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Buhl Jennings Mace

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Buhl Jennings Mace

"He gave his life for his country . . . "

Elkins Inter-Mountain

Buhl Jennings Mace was born September 3, 1932, in Randolph County, West Virginia, one of six children born to Norman and Iva Swecker Mace.

In Korea, Buhl served with Company G, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division. On the night of February 14, 1951, an overwhelming enemy force attacked with mortars, artillery and automatic weapons. The Americans, outnumbered, were forced to withdraw. While the others in the company moved back, 18-year old Pvt. Mace volunteered to remain and keep the enemy engaged during the withdrawal. Mace kept up his fire during the night, but when the company counterattacked the next morning, they found Private Buhl Jennings Mace dead. He was still in his foxhole, his hands gripping his rifle. Dozens of the enemy lay dead in front of the position.

The body of Private Buhl J. Mace was returned to the United States in September of 1951 and buried at Valley Head Cemetery in Randolph County

In a ceremony held at military district headquarters in South Charleston eleven months after Private Buhl's act of heroism, his mother accepted the Silver Star which had been awarded him posthumously.


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