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West Virginia
Veterans Memorial

Memorial Day Prayer

(Believed to be written by Inez S. Mayenschein Johnson for the DAR)

A Memorial Day Prayer

They Served and Fought and Died
So that we might be Safe and Free
Grant them, O Lord, Eternal Peace
And give them "The Victory"!
And in these days of unrest
Filled with grave uncertainty
Let's not gorget the Price they paid
To keep Our Country Free
And so, on this Memorial Day,
We offer up a prayer
May the people of All Nations
Be United in Thy Care
And grant us understanding
And teach us how to live
So we may lose our selfish pride
And learn to love and give,
And keep us ever mindful
Of the fighting men who sleep
In Arlington and Foreign Lands
So we may ever keep
The "Light of Freedom" burning
In their honor through the years
And hear their cry for Peace on Earth
Resounding in our ears
Forgive us for our transgressions
And "Oh God, be with us yet"
Least in our Pride and arrogances
We heedlessly forget

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