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Harry Carlyle McMicken

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Harry Carlyle McMicken

Harry Carlyle McMicken was born June 8, 1947, in Madison, West Virginia, the elder son of Harry and Virginia Smith McMicken. He had three sisters and one brother.
Harry and Roger McMicken
Brothers Harry and Roger McMicken,
ages 6 and 7

Harry McMicken
Harry C. "Lyle" McMicken,
Scott High School graduate
"Lyle," as his friends called him, spent his early school years at Rock Creek School, and a school friend, Janet Yeager, remembered he loved to sing, had a "lovely tenor voice," and would be the first to volunteer when his class held Friday talent shows. Lyle later attended Barboursville High School and Scott High School, graduating with the class of 1965. He participated in the band for two years.
Harry McMicken and father
Lyle and his father

Harry McMicken and friend
Lyle McMicken and buddy in service
Lyle McMicken entered the Army on September 15, 1966, and received basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He began his tour of duty in Vietnam March 10, 1967, and was in Company E, 4th Battalion, 12th Infantry, 199th Light Infantry Brigade. On July 23 of that year, Private First Class Lyle McMicken was engaged in ground action when he was fatally wounded by a land mine. His body was returned to the United States and burial was in Boone Memorial Park on August 8, 1967.
Harry McMicken and buddies
Lyle McMicken and Army buddies

Mother receiving medal
Virginia (McMicken) Thornton receiving
the Vietnamese Military Merit Medal awarded to her son
From Cabell Record
In September, his mother received the Vietnamese Military Merit Medal, which had been awarded posthumously to PFC Lyle McMicken. He is memorialized on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC.

Source: Photographs courtesy McMicken family.


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