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Everett Eugene Metheny

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Everett Eugene Metheny

"He fought and died for our liberty and freedom for all."

Everett Eugene Metheny was born April 30, 1926, in Herring, West Virginia. He was the third of six children born to Alva and Nora Feather Metheny. His two older brothers were Gilbert and Albert, his older sisters Glenna and Pauline. Everett had one younger brother, Howard.

Everett, whose nickname was "Bud," attended elementary schools at Herring and North Union. On May 24, 1941, upon completion of the eighth grade, he received an elementary school diploma from Preston County. As did many young men at this time Everett went to Ohio seeking work and was employed for a short time at a factory there. Upon his return to West Virginia he worked for his brother-in-law in the lumber business.

Everett Eugene Metheny
Everett Eugene Metheny
Everett entered the service on September 21, 1944, receiving basic training at Camp Robinson in Arkansas. He was sent overseas in January 1945. For a short he was stationed in Hawaii and then in the Marianas. He eventually fought in Okinawa as a member of Company K, 32nd Infantry.

On June 19, 1945, 19-year-old Everett Matheny was killed in action as he and his unit advanced south of Hill 110 on southern Okinawa. He was hit in the abdomen by machine gun fire, which killed him instantly His body was recovered and buried in the 7th Division cemetery on the west central coast of Okinawa. Later his body was returned to the United States and on May 16, 1950, he was buried in the National Cemetery at Grafton.
Funeral card
Funeral card for Everett Eugene Metheny


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