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Junior Everette Michael

West Virginia
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Junior Everette Michael

"Through his inspired leadership and self-sacrificing spirit, his unit was able to secure its objective successfully."

Silver Medal Citation

Junior Everette Michael was born June 8, 1928, in Marie, West Virginia, the third child of Oat and Ethel Hudson Michael.

Entering the Army on December 13, 1950, Michael received his basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and left for overseas duty in April of 1951. He served in Korea as a member of Company A, 38th Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. Prior to his death PFC. Michael had been wounded in action for which he received a Purple Heart. On October 13, 1951, he was part of an assault platoon which was assigned to attempt a flanking movement against an enemy-held area known as "Heartbreak Ridge" when they were halted by small arms fire. PFC. Michael, attacking the enemy positions, destroyed many of the enemy bunkers using hand grenades and succeeded inflicting numerous casualties on the enemy. He was fatally wounded by enemy fire while within feet of the objective. PFC. Michael was posthumously awarded the Silver Star which was received by his father.

In February 1952 the body of PFC. Junior E. Michael was returned to the United States and buried in the Fairview Baptist Cemetery.


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